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This a presentation demonstrating the activities we have done with students using Sphero at FCI.

Josh TeGrotenhuis

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Sphero

Sphero Bowling
We built 2 soccer fields for our growing group. The Sphero's were the players, and the goal was to work together to knock a soccer ball into the goal.
Sphero is an app-controlled, codable, robotic ball and a sophisticated companion for your smartphone or tablet. Learn, play, and explore with this new robotic device.
Sphero Painting
Sphero Matter
Students using Sphero to represent the particle movement in the 3 common states of matter.
The moment we saw Sphero in action, and got the chance to experiment, we were hooked! It immediately got us thinking about how we could use this as an educational tool in our science classes.
Try it out!
Sphero Club
After realizing how interested our students were and understanding potential of Sphero as a fun and educational tool, we invited students to join us before school twice a week to take part in some Sphero fun! to our surprise, 30+ students began to come regularly!
Sphero Club Begins!
In order to create interest and to help the students familiarize themselves with the Sphero, we began our club with many fun and challenging sporting events.
Sphero Golf
A 6 hole course was set up in the hallways complete with hazards, holes and tee boxes. The Sphero was used as the golf ball and their iPad was used as the club. Players had to judge the speed, direction, and distance for each shot.
Sphero Soccer
A March Madness celebration paired with Sphero and 3D printing! The hoops were printed using a 3D printer and the Sphero's were the basketballs. The students were on teams and were a part of the official Sphero March Madness bracket.
The students were given a challenge to create a Sphero driven chariot that could carry the most weight across a given distance. Given specific constraints, they designed and redesigned their chariots to be successful in this challenge.
What is Sphero?
Sphero Basketball
Sphero Chariot - Engineering and Design Process
Sphero Jousting
Sphero Bridge
Thank You!
The students stepped it up by learning how to code their Sphero to knock down bowling pins. The speed, distance, time, and direction were calculated in order to produce the perfect strike!
Sphero chariots were fitted with jousters designed on an iPad, and printed with a 3D printer. The students attempted to knock off their opponents jouster during our Sphero Jousting tournament.
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