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Basics of Storyboarding

No description

Carmen Rhodes

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Basics of Storyboarding

What is Storyboarding?
"Bigger Picture"
"We don't write our stories, we draw them."
"Pitching the Board"
Walt Disney
Everyone is involved
Storyboarding was born
What is happening?
What is the best way to SHOW IT?
A Storyboard needs to
answer two questions...
What is Storyboarding?
A storyboard is...
A plan
A way of figuring out the story of the film before you put in the enormous amount of work
The story of the movie drawn in pictures, very much like a comic strip
What to consider when drawing a storyboard...
Who is going to use it?
How is it going to be used?
A storyboard is a ...
a working document
A document that passes through many hands during production
Will carry different information and mean different things to different professionals
The Director

Sits with the story artist to figure out the story itself as well as the cinematic language
Take script and turn it into visual sequences
Places the desciption of the camera shot and relevance pieces of dialogue
Places a verbal description of the action in the scene


Break it down to which characters they need to design
Make a list of props, backgrounds and anything else that needs to be drawn or modeled
From this storyboard...
We learn that we need to design:
Storyboards as a Production Tool
Close-up of dad's hand
A book
The same book- open
The book - close up with the show's logo (title) on it
From this storyboard...
More professional that gather information from the storyboard:

Technical Directors (TD)
Analyze what characters have to do
Analyze how they characters need to move
For example
Might realize they need to build a rig for a particular sequence

Might discover a major character has LONG HAIR
(which is particularly hard to animate!)
Special Effects Crew
They study the storyboard to see if they need to acquire or make available any devices to create special effects...

For example:
A wind machine
A blue screen
A wire to hang the cheese from...

Soundtrack Designers
Look at story panes to figure out which sounds they need to record
For example:
Storyboard shows a character walking SO sound tech makes a note to record the sound of footsteps
The List goes on...
Producers (they take the lists from others and use them to estimate the budget)
Photographers, costume designers, and set builders -
all use the storyboard together with the script, as the blueprint of the film.
What does this
storyboard tell us?
So you still don't think storyboard are important??
Did you know that all Hollywood directors and producers still use storyboards?


Jurassic Park
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