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English - Blade Runner

Context & Themes

Cpt. Jack Tea

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of English - Blade Runner

Miss Nguyen Blade Runner – Context & Themes

Three main reasons why Blain Runner is an academic amazement
· Scott’s film possesses themes that questions life
... Practical and philosophical search for meaning of existence
... Knowledge of the conciseness of life.
... Important distinctions between illusion and reality – themes which are placed within mankind’s dramatic struggle to rediscover humanity.

· Blade Runner also makes us think about the affiliation between memory, knowledge, and identity, an affiliation that academics, regardless of discipline and study and teach in some fashion.
· Has vivid images that show that we as humans are naïve and do not understand the meaning of life.
Science Fiction Genre Science Fiction is a movie genre which explores the common issues of artificial intelligence, computer implants, embryo screening, stem cell therapies, population crisis, the future of capitalism and democracy, outer space colonies alien life force and virtual reality. These are the main dystopian themes of Science Fiction.
Science Fiction is also often closely linked to myths which are engaged and subverted by the story which inter-textually links themselves to other stories. The genre that allows the exploration of the hopes and fears of humanity, visualising the future utopian or dystopian world that is created.
Ridley Scott’s “Bladerunner” not only explores the idea of Science Fiction, but also comprises of detective thriller. This demonstrates a Post-modern generic hybrid movie because of the inclusion of 2 genres.
Bladerunner also refers to the Eden myth and is inter-textually linked with Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”. They both convey the oppression that technology has caused to society, rather than its assistance.
The movie, therefore, presents a more “dystopian” future, that express our fears. They evoke places that are complex, darkly menacing and contain troubling visions of the future.These Dark fears excite, entertain and trouble us. Since Blade Runner was developed after post-World War II, the directors and scriptwriters were influenced by society at that time. The tension of the Cold War can be linked with the paranoia of the dehumanisation of society was evident and impacted the science fiction at that time. The Film’s title was borrowed from The Bladerunner novel by Alan Norse but share no similarities between them. Scott used the film to deal with the philosophical and social issues at that time and focuses on the ethics and politics occurring in the future. The use of film noir helps to emphasises the themes shown in the topic. Social & Historical Context Blade Runner is a post-modern film that references the film noir genre. There is a femme fatal which is the detective’s kryptonite. Irony is a main feature of post-modern texts which is evident in the scene of Detective Holden and a replicant where the replicant has a gun, instead of the detective. Scott questions our reproductive technology, cloning and DNA research questions the clone’s human identity in our world. There is an emphasis on our economic rationalism, free trade and profit and how the rich become richer. Also, bladerunner deals with environmental issues such as global warming where it shows a degraded Earth landscape where nature has deteriorated and is near extinction. Postmodern Era Post World War 2 Industrialisation In the film, Blade Runner, the opening images (an establishment shot), shows the industrial city's surrounding in which is filled with nothing but misty pollution establishes the universe has "corrupted" the environment and destroyed most if not all mother nature in a rather commercialized nation.
Reflecting on World War 2 era, it emphasis that of a representation of the war in which the days that war had lasted, the world itself and the nations affected, faced nothing but dark days ahead, skies filled with explosive gases through eruption of never ending violence in an obscure environment. Symbolic relics from Blade Runner film included the USA, Europe and the Japanese (billboard) all are of which nations involved directly in WWII, emphasis the people behind the issue of capitalism as it reflects upon a future society where capitalism has evolved into an economy.
As such, the bright cinematic lighting with the artificial images are shown against a hazy background, creates a sense of unsettlement within the society. This portrays the social fears about domination in the world by certain corporations (e.g. replicants)
The urban images of the many streets filled with abandoned houses and garbage portrays a devastating environment,one much similar to that in World War 2.
After 1960, the main priority for most countries were to care for the environment due to global warming. Industrial rules came in place that helped to prevent as minimal damage to the environment as possible. Long-term environmental issues were smog from industries, vehicle emissions, and deforestation.
The Environment Environmental disasters that occur had long consequences on the environment such as the nuclear accident in India that occurred and the river pollution in Kuwait. - Tyrell corporation highly developed replicant is advance that we’re unable to differentiate to human as they’re “more human than human”.
- Replicants not designed to remember, must begin to develop emotions from their experiences.
- Owners exploit the replicants to do unpleasant jobs that they don’t like.
- Replicant made out of synthetic materials.
- Photographs used to provide a cushion for their motions. The need for a past, family and friends are evident in the film.
- Scott makes them human-like and give them a voice to speak and replicants want explanation and a real life.
- Roy is highly complex and rebelled against his maker as he was unsatisfied with what God has given him.
- Roy develops the capacity for love, compassion and wisdom in his final moments. Context Merges With Text Roy Batty is a conflicted character where he questions his maker wanting an extended life and to fit in with the humans. He is not emotional about the crimes that he has committed and has no morals. Due to the deterioration of Earth, it is no longer the prime world to live in. The off-world colonies was intended to be the better place but consumerism and greed still exist so it was not a place where we start fresh with a new beginning. Blade runner questions our morally whether cloning would be ethical and legal and the treatment that they endure if they need to be reprimanded for crimes. Also, reflecting on World War 2 era, it emphasis that of a representation of the war in which the days that war had lasted, where the film style of film noir highlights the post World War II era. The urban images of the many streets filled with abandoned houses and garbage portrays a devastating environment,one much similar to the aftermath of World War II. Film noir portrays a more darker and more pessimistic movie where doomed heroes, manipulative people and hidden personal and political agendas were found. This movie satire the which ridicule the emptiness and hollowness of an artificial, unnatural society. The use of femme fatale in Blade runner is closely bound with social attitudes about a new breed of humans where it is ethical and morally correct for the treatment that they are subdued to. Without morals, we would have no restrictions to the crimes that we commit without a conscience.
Thus, Blade Runner makes us think about the affiliation between memory, knowledge, and identity, an affiliation that academics, regardless of discipline and inspire the watchers about the nature of life and the identity of the upcoming future of the human race and environment.
So, what have we learnt today.... Howdy Neighbour! GAME OVER Credits William Vo Abel Queipo Darren Men Glen Prasawat Kenny Hong And... Jack Tea Purple Princess
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