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Web 2.0

Dear High School Teachers: Can we use these?

Lauren Hanson

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 By Lauren H Web 2.0 is a 'newer' version of the Internet that allows people to share, publish, view, and download information. Like google, or bing... Web 2.0 features things like.... Google Docs (google documents)... Google docs is an online 'word' program that allows its users to group-edit documents (with, in most cases, permission) How can it be used in the classroom? Google docs can be used to prepare class papers: peer editing would be incredibly easy, and teachers could grade online instead of in ink. Social Networking What is it? Social networking sites are sites like facebook or myspace, and allow users to share and spread information. How can it be used in the classroom? Social networking could be a valuable asset to schools. Entire classes could be conducted through social networking. What are some examples? some examples of social networking are... FLICKr what is it? flickr is an online photo program that allows its users to upload and view photos. How can it be used in the classroom? FlickR could be used in the classroom to post educational photos and such, and could be used on yearbook comittees. Pandora Radio What is it? Pandora Radio is an online radio that analyzes the types of music users prefer to present them with similar music. How can it be used in the classroom? Pandora could be used for a school project in an arts/humanities-like class, to compare and contrast different types of music. Try it out: http://www.pandora.com/#/ what is it? Twitter what is it? twitter is an online site that allows users to send out 140-character messages to a slelect group of people. How can it be used in the classroom? is a fast way TO SPREAD INFORMATION THROUGHOUT A LARGE AREA.... in a small amount of time. flickR could be used on yearbook comittees and such for photo editing and sharing. facebook.... or myspace... Cloud computing what is it? its always safe in the cloud the "cloud" is basically a giant online network drive, that can hold all of your documents and presentations and such. The only difference from a network drive is that the Cloud can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. How can it be used in the classroom? with the help of the Cloud, students could do homework in the form of 'word' like documents, instead of paper. They wouldn't have to rush to finish things like powerpoints before the end of class, because they could access their projects from the Cloud and work on them from home. blogs what are they? blogs are a sort of online journals that allow people to read someone's writing on a certain topic. people can also subscribe to blogs using RSS feeds... but we'll get to that later. how can they be used in the classroom? students could read educational blogs, or pick a relevant topic to blog about for (x) amount of time for a school project. RSS feeds what are they? RSS feeds allow users to 'subscribe' to various webpages. (an RSS reader is required for this) how can it be used in the classroom? Students could use RSS feeds to subscribe to educational web pages. (Lauren drew a RSS logo because for some reason Prezi doesn't like pictures of RSS logos...) Wikis what are they? wikis are, by definition, 'quick' ways of getting to information. The most common wiki is Wikipedia... how can it be used in the classroom? Secure, reliable wikis (i.e., not Wikipedia) could be helpful tools for research projects. online
bookmarks what are they? how can they be used in the classroom? online bookmarks are kind of like Cloud- allowing people to access pages and such from any computer, anywhere, anytime. online bookmarks could be a valuable way for classes to organize and get to information. thank you...
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