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A Long Walk To Water

No description

Brenden Gillespie

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of A Long Walk To Water

Themes from a Long Walk To Water
By Linda Sue Park
Salva showed a lot of perseverance threw out the book for example he walked threw the Akobo desert. Also he persevered by trying to find his father in the hospital in South Sudan.Another way Salva persevered is by trying to raise money for wells in South Sudan for clean water. Their are several other examples of Salva's perseverance threw out the book .
-Salva hopes his plan works to raise money to put wells in Sudan everywhere
-During Salva's journey Salva never lost hope that his family was alive
-Salva hoped that his father was still in the hospital when he heard that his father was their in South Sudan hospital

-Salva always wants to help out

-Salva always tries not to bug others

-Salva helps his father become happy by showing him he is alive

-Michael showed kindness to Salva by teaching him english

-Salva is raising money for pumps in Sudan for clean water
Kindness (Nya)
-Nya always goes to get water from the pond for her and her family

-Nya says thank-you to Salva for building the water pump for the Nuer tribe

-Nya hopes her sister will be ok from the water sickness
-Nya hopes that the workers will be able to clean the water that's in the well
-Nya hopes that the water in the pond will not dry up
Leadership (Nya)
-It takes a real leader to do something to help others
-Uncle had a lot of leadership when he lead the Salva threw the Akobo desert
-Salva showed a lot of leadership when he lead around 1500 threw the desert to get to the refugee camp
Project by Brenden Gillespie
-Nya shows leadership when she says thank-you because no body else would
-Nya has to get water for her family every day from the pond so to me that's leadership because her family is counting on her
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