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Cold War

No description

Jeanette Tlougan

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Cold War

The Cold War How the Cold War effected the US How the Cold War changed the US The Cold War Pics Cold War US Debate Jenny's info The cold war changed our country in
many ways. It changed how the US did
things then and somewhat now. The
cold war was one of the bloodiest wars
since the Revolutionary and Civil wars. By: Jeanette and Jenny Jeanette's Info The cold war had changed the US quite a bit. It changed the ways we did things back then. It had changed our culture a little bit. The cold war changed the lives of millions of people. It changed the ways of how we do things now. If you look at the wars that we have know on the opposite side of the world now and the cold war then. I personally think that the wars we are dealing with now are about the same as the cold war then. The cold war had killed many people just like the wars that are going on now. He did not believe the communists. He thought that the communists would not set up democratic governments in eastern Europe. •He also believed that after the Soviet Union had established there control in eastern Europe, they would continue to extend there influence into western Europe. Thus President Truman favoured a policy of strong resistance against Russian expansion. More Of Jenny's Info \ The cost of the cold war. cold war was not a real war and it was through 1989 -1991. So when this war happened it was going down hard and then they threat mutual nuclear weapons and then they stopped it when winston churchill issued warnings about soviet union as early as 1946 when he claimed the "Iron Curtain" had fallen across Eastern Europe to describe the soviet union grasp for power in the region. the term was used throughout the cold war and this war was between the united state and soviet union. Recommended Resources: #4 Russia and the United states End cold war:salem on history. Cold War Melina What it did for
our country. The cost of the cold war was in a way significant.
It costed the US just over five million dollars. If you look at the wars that are happening now these wars costed more than the cold war by it's self. A person who was around while the cold war happened after
World War 11. This is an interview. Video on the cold war The ColdWar Book info Leaders in the Cold War. There were 16 total leaders in the cold war.
John F. Kennedy, Harold Macmillan, Winston Churchill, Harry S Truman, Dwight D Eisenhower
Clement R. Attlee, Anthony Eden, Nikita S. Khrushchev
Mao Tse-Tung, Charles De Gaulle, Konrad Adenauer,
Joseph Stalin, Chiang Kai-shek, Jawaharial Nehru,
Syngman Rhee, Tito. Harold Macmillian Pics of the 16 leaders in the cold War! John F Kennedy Harry S Truman Winston Churchill Dwight D Eisenhower Clement R Attlee Budget of the US Military Anthony Eden Nikita S Krushchev Mao Tse Tung Charles De Gaulle Konrad Adenauer During the cold war the us spent-
1947-1950 the military spent about $60 billion,
after the 1952 the budget never fell below about
$ billion.
The average for 1956-1965 was about $168 billion. This was all spent on the cold war for weapons and transportation. • The third reason was that President Truman was disgusted at the non-co-operative attitude of the Russians at the Potsdam Conference.

Russia was determined to exact heavy reparations from Germany. Russia also accused the British of upholding a reactionary monarchy in Greece and supporting an Italian Fascist regime in Trieste. Stalin also blocked Truman's proposal on the internationalization of all principal waterways. More Info The second reason was that just before the Potsdam Conference was to take place, the United States had successfully exploded there atomic bomb.

President Truman thought that since the United States alone possessed the atomic bomb, they could adopt a stiff attitude towards Russian expansion in Europe. More Info Joseph Stalin Chiang Kai -Shek Jawaharlal Nehru Tito The Cold war changed the US and Russia in a lot of ways.
It not only did this to our country in Russia, but it changed the
way that people had lived while the Cold war went on. The Cold war was a bloody war just like most of the other wars that we have fought in. Cold War info More Cold War info •The first reason was that President Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945. He was succeeded by Harry S. Truman. President Roosevelt was an optimistic man. •So Roosevelt did not advocate strong resistance against Russian expansion. The new President, Truman, was a complete contrast to Roosevelt. Info on president Roosevelt President Roosevelt
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