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A short break to Cafayate, its boutique hotels and more...

Guadalupe Soria

on 23 October 2012

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WHAT IS THE EXPERIENCE ECONOMY? WHAT CAN YOU DO? REMEMBER: Experiences are events that engage individuals in a personal way. In this kind of economy, which goes beyond goods, products and services, consumers seek unique experiences beyond merely consuming products and services.
The Experience Economy is a new stage of economic offering. The arousal
Overall quality
Customer satisfaction. Variables which build and measure experience: Entertainment: being entertained
Education: learning something new
Esthetics: indulged in environments
Escapism: diverging to a new self
Realms or dimensions of experience: THE OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE! The SWEET SPOT... "Tourists are tourists because they want to compensate for their secular, disenchanted mundane lives through a temporary exposure to the other - to the adventurous, foreign, ancient or spectacular. Tourism establishments make it their business to shape, package and sell such experiences." Absorption : occupying a person´s attention by bringing the experience into the mind Immersion: becoming physically a part of the experience itself "It´s all about the experience - the thrill of doing something you´ve never done before. We´re not talking about your run-of-the-mill vacation here. We´re talking about a once ina lifetime, can´t stop talking about it, this rocks kind of experience."
Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line (2008) Tourism offers "an alternative experience of life, that is, time off or holiday time, which appears as an alternative rhythm, free from constraints of the daily tempo." and...
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