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A 2nd grade literacy lesson

Erica Buck

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Visualizing

Literacy Visualizing Lesson Objective: Learning and practicing the reading strategy called visualizing What is Visualizing? Do you like to draw? Where do your ideas come from? Do you see it in your head first? Visualizing is when you create images or pictures in your mind as you are reading. It is like making a movie in your brain! The cat. Visualizing Helpers Our 5 Senses Hearing Seeing Smelling Tasting Feeling What did your cat look like? How can they help us create pictures in our brains? Visualize the cat again. Did your visualization change? When we use our five senses, our visualizations become a lot more detailed which helps us to remember what we are reading and to better understand what we are reading. After we read together, you will be drawing and writing about something you visualized from the story. What does it mean to visualize something? The Mixed-Up Chameleon By: Eric Carle What is a Chameleon? A type of lizard that can change it's color to blend into different surroundings. The Chameleon goes to the zoo, and wants to be like all the other animals. With every page, a part of the chameleon changes to a body part of a different animal. While I am reading: 1. Focus on making images or visualizations in you head. 2. Remember that our visualizations are like movies and can change. 3. Try to incorporate your 5 senses. pay close attention to the details of the story! What was the story about? What images or visualizations did you create? Drawing our visualizations. Questions? 1. Material managers grab supplies.
2. Use your best handwriting and spell the best that you can!
3. You have 15 minutes to draw and color your visualization.
4. When the timer goes off, pencils down and look at me. The Mixed-Up Chameleon (again) Look at all of our drawings. How are they similar? How are they different? We are all different and visualize in different ways! Wrap Up What does visualizing mean? Wh What are 5 things that can help us visualize? Why do we visualize? Fun Fact: Visualizing can be used in all subjects, including math! Have a great week!
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