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Iron Man 3

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Transcript of Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
Supernatural Aid
Happy , the bodyguard, finds the important clue. Though he can’t talk about it, Tony find that message
The Call of Adventure
In TV , Mandarin who is Tony’s new enemy appear. And it is the start of new story.
The Road of Trials
Tony finally finds enemies who attack him. He watches the video about who are they
The Belly of the Whale
Tony lost his mechanical suit. And he must solve the problem without his technical achievement.
The Ultimate Boon
Iron man achieves his goal of saving his girlfriend and beating the villain.
The Crossing the Fist Threshold
Mandarin attacks Tony’s house. The house is destroyed completely by that attack.
Paul(Dong-ha), Kim

The Crossing the Return Threshold
Thank You!
Freedom to Live
As Iron man takes the particles away from his body he now returns to his normal life
Iron man has been cured perfectly so he can live without worrying of the steel fragments.
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