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AJ Crowley

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Overfishing

Types Of Overfishing
-Blast Fishing
-Cyanide Fishing
-Ghost Nets
-Shark Finning


deplete the stock of fish in (a body of water) by too much fishing.
deplete the stock of (a fish).

-More food! That's all that we can think about these days
-Better for business. More profit being made
-Creates more jobs for people
-Leads to extinction of a certain species
-Leaves less fish to reproduce
-Leading to less genetic diversity, and therefore less disease resistance
-If one species is extinct it creates a problem for the fish that eat that fish. From then on it's a chain reaction
-There may be more fish now, but that means less in the future
-It even makes for less human entertainment, such as scuba diving or whale watching
Cyanide Fishing
-Spraying fish with hazardous sodium cyanide to stun them
-Used for collecting fish for aquariums
-Affects fish and surrounding environment
Blast Fishing
-Use homemade explosives to stun the fish
-Thus leading to destroying the surrounding environment
-Pollutes water
-Turns wonderful underwater environments to lifeless deserts
I agree with many people that are against this issue. This is a problem that might not be so bad, but if we're not careful, we can be the cause of a species extinction. This also leads to putting the animals that eat that fish in danger. Then it continues on and on. There may be more fish available to us now, but if we continue this, that means there will be less in the future. Scuba diving wouldn't be as good, which in the first place is a once in a lifetime activity for some people.
Ghost nets
-Left or lost nets in the ocean
-Entangle fish, dolphins, turtles, sharks, crocodiles, seabirds, and crabs.
-Restrict movement, causing starvation, laceration and infection, and suffocation for those who need to return to the surface
Shark Finning
-Removal of shark fins for profit
-Then throwing them back
-This leads to the shark having less movement, therefore sinking to the bottom and dying
Putting a legal limit on how much fish you can catch that would be monitored is a great way to stop people from catching too much fish. Also there could be better education on how to catch your own fish for those who are available to catching their own fish. If a person knows how to catch their own fish, they wouldn't have to rely on other people catching it for them.
Possible Solutions
Human Impact
"The journal Science published a four-year study in November 2006, which predicted that, at prevailing trends, the world would run out of wild-caught seafood in 2048."
"According to a Food and Agriculture Organization estimate, over 70% of the world’s fish species are either fully exploited or depleted."
Humans not only fish so much that 70% of our fish species are fully exploited or depleted, but they also end up destroying habitats and pollute the water. This kills off fish without us even touching them.

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My Opinion
"The two most obvious benefits from commercial fishing are: 1) that it feeds the world's demand for seafood, and 2) that it has a tremendous economic impact on world GDP. As a result, commercial fishing is a major economic activity, which employs more than 200 million people around the globe, generating more than $80 billion a year."

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