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Knitting is a Journey

My genius project TED Talk presentation

Ashley O

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Knitting is a Journey

Ashley Ok My Scarf in a Journey Knitting Journey Knitting improved my attention to details.
Concentration and focus sharpened. Knitting is a journey Knitting has a strong meditative quality
I knit in a "rhythm"
It recharges the mind. 2 When I Knit I Can... Knitting can be... 2007 2012 1 Before Knitting future end result product destination Wait what's knitting pay attention
concentration Meditation Recharge stress-free out of reality beginning end Knitting Journeys Not paying much attention, I accidentally kept increasing stitches. I focused and decreased the stitches back to normal the magical land end result "I'm going to be able to donate to charities!" "I'll start fundraisers." "Don't need to do any Christmas gift shopping next year now." Where do I even start... In a "rhythm" I was able to knit relaxingly now and watched TV too at one point Fringe!
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