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Article Writing: Year 9

No description

Katherine Rickson

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Article Writing: Year 9

L.O: To understand what makes a good article headline and the main points of article writing.

How do headlines grab the readers attention?
Monday 8th February 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Come up with headlines for each of these pictures.
Article Writing
Find the headlines around the room.
For each headline, write down what you think the article was about.
You have until the music ends!
Short and snappy
Shocking! Surprising!
Which of these headlines uses alliteration?
Which one of these headlines is short and snappy?
Which of these headlines is the most shocking?
Where might you find an article?
Make a list in your books.
Which of these headlines would make you want to read the article?

What is effective about the headline you have chosen?
Final assessment task:
Write an article based on an issue raised by your study of protest poetry and songs.
How is this writing assessment different to your Gothic descriptive piece?
Read the extract of the article on Cecil the Lion.

Sum up the main point of each paragraph on your

Look up any difficult words and make a note of the
definition - having a wide vocabulary in your
written work will get you ROARING into the higher levels…

Is there anything interesting about the way the article is written? Look for writer’s devices such as emotive language, persuasive devices, figurative language etc.

Be prepared to feedback on all of your ideas.
What do you think the features of an article are?

Work with a partner to identify what you think you have to include in an article.
Homework: Research your chosen topic IN DETAIL. If necessary, print out your research.

We will be writing the article on Wednesday - you need to have done the research by then, or you will not get a very good level.
Cecil the Lion
*Your topic does not have to be one we've previously looked at in class - it CAN be something you're individually interested in.
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