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Literature circle

No description

koje charles

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Literature circle

Strategy Based on Reading (Literature) Circles Group Discussions for Reading Task
His job is to make pictures in his mind or on a paper as he reads.
Her job is to give a summary (main idea - details) of what had occurred.
Reading (Literature)circle
small groups of students who meet in the classroom to talk about reading task.
His job is to choose a few words that have synonyms and antonyms.

Her job is to locate three passages in the reading task that her group should reread, discuss and think about.
Her job is to research some background information related to her reading task, include: pictures, videos and websites.
Each student plays a role in the discussion.
Smile :)
Her job is to lead the discussion and introduce the section of text to be discussed.
Welcome to our circle.
We are discussing
Unit 3 section 2.
This passage is funny hhhhhh
Question Master
Her job is to think of 3 interesting discussion (Wh) questions.
Students are urged to think for themselves, take decisions, evaluate and judge without relying on their teacher's opinions or waiting for her to take decisions for them
The Reading (literature) circle role tasks ( for the student and for the teacher) have a positive effect in enhancing class discussion and promoting students' social skills.
Good Job
-Introduce Reading (Literature) Circle by explaining they are groups of students reading the same book and meeting together to discuss what they have read.
-Introduce the Reading (Literature) Circle roles to the class by giving each member handout.
-Divide the class into groups and each group chooses a name for their group.
-The teacher gives each group reading (literature) circle packet to write her name, the title and the members' names in her group.
-The teacher gives each group the reading (literature) circle schedule to write their names, roles and date. Each group keeps this schedule with them to change their roles in the next day till the end of the semester.



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