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the white wonder in the air...snowflakes

hey guys i hope you guys use this to make your own prezi and thank you for all who views this to help you do your own a have a great day :)

J Kostenbader

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of the white wonder in the air...snowflakes

the white wonders in the air that drops to our grounds....snowflakes!
the biggest snowball fight ever!
I mean WOW. over 1,000,000 people from the country come together to form the biggest snowball fight ever in 2013. Here are some pictures of the biggest sonwball fight ever!
.syracuse tried to sue snow before new years eve. how weird?
what are snowflakes?
snowflakes are a white substance that falls from the clouds. The clouds freezes the raindrops into small icicles that fall on to the floor. We will be talking about the shapes of snowflakes on the net bubble.
the shapes of the snowflakes
there are so many shapes for snowflakes! You need a magnifying glass to find the shape of the snowflakes. if you see that there is a picture of a snowflake at the bottom of this text, if you use a magnifying glass, you will see the shape of a beautiful snowflake like the on at the bottom!
by Eddie Brittain 506
fun facts about snowflakes
.each winter there are 1 septillion
ice crystals that drop from the air. That is 24 zeros in that huge number!
.in 1988, a scientist found two snowflakes and they were from Wisconsin and people thought that was not true
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