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My Job Shadow

A Description of my Job Shadow Experience for Planning 10

George Lertzman-Lepofsky

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of My Job Shadow

My Job Shadow By George Lertzman-Lepofsky The Salary The salary of teaching jobs in academia can vary a lot, depending on how long you have been working at that institution, which institution you are teaching at, and what you are teaching. I learned that Mr. Fall makes about $75,000 per year. When you are a teacher at a University, the best thing you can do to secure a steady job is to get tenure. Also, there are many levels of pay grade, the highest being a full professor. Despite the high levels of stress of teaching, and the amount of work required, Mr. Fall does not get payed overtime. However, a teacher can choose to teach more classes for more return. Perks and Benefits One of the great things about working in a University is how well the management takes care of it's employees. Mr. Fall receives great medical, dental, and insurance benefits as a result of working for Capilano University. Job Prospects Mr. Fall works in one of the the most prospective business on today's market: computers. With the growing demand and usage of computers in today's digital era, the call for good computer programmers is at a max, and Mr. Fall teaches undergraduate classes in web design and programming. Many of the students he teaches are able to to go on to careers in animation, game design, web design, and working for companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Enjoyable/Not Enjoyable Aspects of his Job Favorite Aspects:
1. The social aspects, Mr. Fall loves the parts of his job where he interacts with people who like the same things as him.
2. Working with students, also very social, and is an important part of being a good teacher.
3. Learning the delicate process of teaching, and designing curriculum

Least Favorite Aspects:
1. Cheating. This ties in with plagiarism, and is an unfortunately ever present problem.
2. Plagiarism is dealt with very seriously in University, and can have very serious implications on ones career.
3. Grading/marking takes a long time, when Mr. Fall could be engaging in the parts of his job he likes. What I Learned From my Job Shadow Experience On my Job Shadow experience, I learned quite a bit about what it's like to teach a University level class. In one of my interview questions, I asked, "If you could go back to school, what would you do differently?"
Mr. Fall said, "...Put a little more effort into finding out what was actually going on, as opposed to just trying to get a “A." This is definitely a philosophy I need to start to employ. Do I Want This Job? What Mr. Fall does is definitely in the same genre of work that I want to do: working with technology. Whereas Mr. Fall is a programmer, I want to get into a more hands-on career, more focused on the Engineering aspects of tech. However, Engineering and Programming come hand in hand, and while I don't want to do exactly what Mr. Fall does, I might have to take many of his classes.
Of course, teaching is almost mandatory when someone works at a University, which is something I'm not very comfortable with. Surprising Facts There were quite a few things that surprised me on my Job Shadow day. First of all, just how similar the Capilano University campus is to Seycove: Education Required Like the rules on salary, the rules for education requirements changes a lot depending on what you are doing and which institution you work at. According to Mr. Fall, to teach Computer Science at Capilano University, you need a minimum of a masters degree. Now that Capilano has become a University, the details of the hiring polices have changed slightly, but the general requirement is still that one needs a masters degree. Type of Person this Job Might Appeal To Programming as a career option requires quite a bit of focus, patience, and skill. From what I hear, a programmer spends a lot of time searching for that one semi-colon that makes your code crash. However, Mr. Fall doesn't spend most of his time writing code, he spends it teaching. For this aspect of his job, you also need to be very patient, but you also need very good people skills, or you students will not want to learn. Of course, someone interested in this line of work will need lots of computer expertize, and the willingness to spend long hours in front of a computer screen. Mr. Fall's working area Here, Mr. Fall helps a student edit a document of code that was just turned in for grading. Also, just how much time a teacher puts into each lecture. Mr. Fall told me that he spends about four hours preparing for a 1.5 hour lecture. However, he sometimes reuses lectures, in which case he only spends an hour reviewing.

When I asked Mr. Fall how an average day looks, he said that he spends about two hours every day meeting with students, I was very surprised to hear this, as this would almost never happen is a high school. When I sat through a couple of Mr. Fall's classes, I noted that his classes were very small, maybe 20-25, this came as a shock to me, because my experience of University classes so far had been solely of 200-400 person lectures. For my Job Shadow Experience, I shadowed a teacher of Computer Science at Capilano University
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