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Shared drives - usage and practices

No description

Tihomir Mak

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Shared drives - usage and practices

Shared Drive Folders or database? Inconsistency in naming Abbreviation or full words? Security What if they see the file? A "system" or a lack thereof? Lengthy and complex procedures
training in database use Date, author, version? YYMMDD? Initials? What if they delete the file? Complex structure = complex searching Searching Duplication Where is the truth? Structure Consistency Meta-data Naming conventions, controls, procedures Version control Audit trail? Inter-linking or locking documents How do you capture relationships? PROCEDURES RULES CONTROL TIME DISCIPLINE Folder structure and naming Access and security Maintenance and management STRUCTURE AND NAMING Key principles Name by function Keep it simple Self-explanatory and meaningful Consistent and logical Avoid abbreviations ACCESS & SECURITY Key principles Groups or teams Permissions / deleting MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT Key principles Deleting old records Removing duplicates Technical issues
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