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Android-based School Bulletin and Information Application

AMA Computer College (Caloocan Branch) for Capstone

Job Areta

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Android-based School Bulletin and Information Application

Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Background of the Study


android devices
Android-based School Bulletin and Information Application
Android OS
Applications or Apps
College Students
Valenzuela City Polytechnic College,former Valenzuela Manpower Training Center in October 1982
Established in 1996 which offered three-year technician programs in addition to its existing programs
It has a total population of 1,862 students, 1,636 are formal students and 226 are non-formal students.
has 5,659 square meter campus located at Kamagong St., Fortune Village 6, Parada, Valenzuela City. It consists of 2 buildings, automotive area, and basketball court.
VCPC has been using bulletin boards daily to disseminate information to the students such as school announcements, events, examination schedule, and other reminders.
Proposed System: Android Application
Valenzuela City Polytechnic College (VCPC) provides reminders and announcements through the use of bulletin boards.
bulletin board serves as a communication tool between the school management and students.
Bulletin Board makes it hard for students to access it on a daily basis, it also adds that they have non-formal students which are not always present within the campus.
Aim: Android App to test the effectiveness of disseminating information with the use of handheld devices.
The Following sited

1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of the following:
Operating System of Mobile Device
2. What are the problems encountered in the traditional bulletin board?
3. Is the traditional bulletin board with android application effective in disseminating information in terms of the following criteria:
There is a significant difference in terms of the following criteria:

One of a school’s main concern is to guide the students in the full extent possible.
The school must implement a method in a straightforward yet effective approach for the students to cope better within the campus.
Supporting the students in their day-to-day activities must be put into consideration.
A Bulletin Board is one of the things inside the campus that the students rely on, yet it is ignored to be more modernized given that technology is incorporated nowadays. This is one of the main initiatives of the proponents in the development of the System.
The traditional Bulletin Board where information is stationary and uses printed and written paper works.
Application can be accessed through internet connection (preferably WiFi). Given that Android Technology supports various models of smartphones and tablets.
This study aims to target the benefits of the following entities:
School Management
Future Researchers
Scope and Limitation
The Proposed System's focus
Campus Map
Announcements are divided into two. School announcements and Instructor announcements
Events can be upcoming or recent event related to the School
Announcements and Events posts accepts jpeg, jpg, png and gif formats only with a maximum of 1.5 mb.
Schedule covers releasing of grades slips, final examination and also school enrollment.
Schedule supports pdf,excel and word formats only with a maximum of 3mb
The web-based application has a static part which contains basic information about the school
Only students are allowed to give feedbacks. It can be suggestions,request or comments.
Campus Map contains Short Description of room assignments.
The proponents will not be responsible for the Reliability of Bandwidth due to unavailability of Wi-Fi Connection and other constraints in hardware and also an infected operating system
The System does not contain a GPS-enabled feature for the campus map.
The System is not an E-learning Application.
The System will use a dummy database for the registration of Instructors and Students due to the confidentiality of the school.
traditional approach is not very applicable to what people need
students can be related as one of the factions in the society that have changing needs
Internet is becoming a necessity
regular computers to a more smaller screen which is a mobile device
Mobile devices are recognized as one of the basic tools to help humans in their day-to-day activities and that is when applications are taken into account.
Developing an Application must be taken into consideration
Conceptual Framework:
Android Architecture
Materials and Method
Research Design:
Descriptive Research Method
Evaluation Form
30 Students
General information about the college
Discussed with the Student Organization and School Administration for more Technical type of Information
After several Meetings, Agreed to a Solution
Questionnaires and Evaluation Forms
Statistical Tools
Frequency Distribution based on the Operating System of Mobile Device
Frequency Distribution based on Kind of Information Usually Seek in Bulletin Board
Frequency Distribution based on Frequent Use of the Bulletin Board
Frequency Distribution based on the Problems Encountered on the Bulletin Board
Frequency Distribution based on the Instances that an Instructor did not post announcements in the bulletin board
Frequency based on Source of Information if there are no Classes
Frequency Distribution based on the Source of Information Regarding School Matters inside the Campus
Frequency Distribution based on Immediate Update About the New Posted Information on the Bulletin Board
Frequency Distribution based on the Desire of the Respondents to Give feedbacks/comments
Frequency Distribution based on the Desire to have a Mobile Version of the Bulletin Board
Assessment of the Respondents in the Traditional Bulletin Board
Assessment of the Respondents on Traditional Bulletin Board with Mobile App
Graphical Representation of the Traditional Bulletin Board and the Traditional Bulletin Board with Android Application
Activity Diagram
Use Case Diagram
Software Development Life Cycle
The proponents are not responsible whether or not the student will use the system
In the mobile application, the user can check the announcement schedule, events, and map without logging-in
Facebook and other social networking sites are not covered in the study
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