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Tuesdays With Morrie: Soundtrack

No description

Chris Moss

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Tuesdays With Morrie: Soundtrack

Tuesdays With Morrie: Soundtrack
Tuesday #1
Beauty In The World-Macy Gray
This song is about how beautiful the world is even if the world to you seems a little hazy. Morrie thinks the world is also beautiful and learns to enjoy it while he can in the first "Tuesday" chapter
Tuesday #3
Fix You Up- Kari Kimmel
This song is about helping someone in need. This chapter is about Morrie's childhood and how he needs help and comfort, which is offered in this song
Tuesday #6
Faded Lines- Kari Kimmel
This song is about holding on to something but it leaving anyways. In this chapter, even though Mitch keeps holding on, Morrie keeps
Tuesday #9
Love Don't Die- The Fray
This song says that love never dies and it always around. This chapter is about how letting go of someone doesn't mean that the love of them and for them is gone.
Tuesday #12
I Forgive You- Kelly Clarkson
This song is about forgiveness and forgiving someone when they do something wrong. Same thing with this chapter when Morrie doesn't forgive one of his friends before he dies and regrets it.
Tuesday #2
Over You- Miranda Lambert
This song is about overcoming the sadness of life and moving forward. In this "Tuesday" chapter, Morrie is very sad and cries in the morning; however, then the rest of the day he is very happy and overcome the sadness.
Tuesday #4
Freight Train- Sara Jackson-Holman
This song is about letting things go and getting ready to go. In this chapter Morrie is trying to do the same.
Tuesday #5
Let Me Go- Haim
This song is about letting someone go because it's best for everyone. Mitch, in this chapter, has to let his brother go because his brother has cancer and wants
Tuesday #7
Long Live- Taylor Swift
This song is about leaving your memory behind while you are aging. Same thing with this chapter, you shouldn't be ashamed of your age, you should embrace it because you've learned and become wiser since that time.
Tuesday #8
Price Tag- Jessie J
This song is about money and how it doesn't matter how much you have. This is also the topic of this chapter, and what humans need and what we want.
Tuesday #10
Marry You- Bruno Mars
This song is about loving someone enough to marry them. This chapter is also about love and marriage. This teaches about endless love like Morrie's and Charlotte's marriage.
Tuesday #11
Eyes Open- Taylor Swift
This song is about seeing the world around you and embracing it. This chapter is also about that. It's about things that you are not involved should effect you and your time on Earth.
Tuesday #13
Best Day of My Life- American Authors
This song talks about the best day of his life. This chapter has Mitch ask Morrie about his ideal perfect day.
Tuesday #14
Fingerprints- Kari Kimmel
This song is about leaving your impact on someone or something when you leave. That is exactly what Morrie did with everyone he has ever met in his life before he died.
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