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P & G 'Thank you mom' campaign Analysis

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Katherine Anley

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of P & G 'Thank you mom' campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis Marketing Communications Sales promotion comprises of various maketing techniques which are used to add value to a product. Generally the aim is to accelerate sales and gather marketing information (Fill, C. 2009) Sales Promotion Advertising concerns non-personal communication, designed by an identified sponsor, to endorse goods being delivered through paid media (Fill, C. 2009)

Types of advertising:
Broadcast - TV, Radio
Print - Newspapers, magazines
Outdoor - Billborads, street furinture, transit
New Media - internet, 3G, App?
In store - Point of purchase, Packaging
Other - cinema, exhibitions,guerrilla
(Radway, P. 2012) Advertising Public relations is concerned with establishing and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders and in doing so enhance the reputation of the organization (Fill, C. 2009) Public Relations Direct Marketing Personal selling concerns interpersonal communication tool, undertaken through face-to-face activities by individuals, often representing an organization. In order influence an individual or group to take appropriate action, as required by the sponsor's representative. (Fill, C. 2009) Personal Selling P&G kept their campaign fresh by constantly updating their videos. The use of social media enabled them to create a conversation between them and their customers; as well as prompting conversations pertaining to thanks from children to mums.
P&G now have a name and have come out at the mother company for all their different brands. Becuase they focused on emotional marketing they stood out in comparison to other sponsors. As they were contastnly evolving the campagin and projecting the same message through out their campaign all leading to the one phrase "Thank you Mum" across the world it got alot of notice - hopefully equating to their products being selected over others as they promote the family aspect. Assessment and conclusion Campaign Summary On the 28th July 2012 Procter and Gamble were announced as a proud sponsor of the Olympic movement for the 10 years. Their aim was to use this sponsorship to improve the growth of their company by focusing on improving life for athletes, mums and their families (Pritchard. M, 2012) References Pritchard, M. (2012). Procter and Gamble joins the TOP Programme. Available: http://www.olympic.org/ioc?articlenewsgroup=-1&articleid=95348. Last accessed 30th Oct 2012. Fill, C. (2009). The Constituent Tools of the MC Mix. Available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg_Xr3ZoKaU. Last accessed 30th Oct 2012 Radway, P. (2012). Marketing Communication - Advertising and Sales Promotion. Available: Level 5 Marketing Communications Lecture. Last accessed 15th Oct 2012. TV Their TV advert was first aired on the 18th April. They used Dawn french mini documentary to promote their mini videos they will be releasing about 'raising an Olympian' as well as 'the best job'. PG produced several different 'Mumifestos' directed at different countries to introduce the mother brand of many Fast Moving Consumer Goods. This is one of the first times Proctor and Gamble advertised themselves to the wide public as the Mothering company growing their separate fast consumer goods brands. This mothering angle is particularly good because their household goods are often associated with mothers in their adverts in general. within the campaign PG seperated it out into 2 parts so as to keep it fresh:
Worlds hardest job is the best job
raising an Olympian The hardest job is the best job Print P&G used bus stops, billboards as their outdoor advertising. Other print they used was advertising space in various magazines. P&G Family home:
Only for olympians and their families Appraisal- overall impact... Procter and gamble had a high intesity of adverts which were playing, mainly above the line with their marketing hopeing to prompt viewers to vistsit their social networking sites and view other stories slowly repeating the brand with the same logo and phare, this gave an overall constitency which they would have wanted to promote with some many varying Consumer goods. As their products can not be directly related to the olympics they used the focus of family and support making everything fairly inclusive for everyone across the world. Improvements? more direct marketing could have been used.the focus was very much on the younger generation rather then the silver market due to the heavy focus on social media and online marketing. a lot of P&Gs public relations is coming from blogs as well as various newspapers and magazines.
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