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Company History

No description

richie galas

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Company History

BIO - CEO/Executive Analysis
Diversity and Inclusion
Leadership, Diversity and Ethics
Leadership, Diversity and Ethics
K Power To grow
John Harvey KellogG
John Harvey Younger YEArs 1864
Convalescent Home 1866
Water Therapy 1872
Med School 1874
Battle Creek Sanitarium 1876
W K Kellogg
Sanitarium Menu
Inventing Corn Flakes 1894
BattleCREEK Corn Flake Company 1906
Brothers Split 1906
Kellogg's 1907
Kellogg's Foundation 1930
Not Familiar
Location- One Kellogg Square, PO Box 3599, Battle Creek, MI 49016

Founded in 1906 by Keith Kellogg

First public offering was January 9, 1952. 415,600
shares were offered at $23.75 per share.

Acquired Keebler Foods Company on March 27, 2001

Acquired Pringles from Proctor and Gamble on May 31, 2012


John A Bryant - occupations/accomplishments/achievements
Chief Executive officer and president of Kellogg company since January 2, 2011

Served as Chief operating officer since August 2008
served as its chief financial officer from December 31,2006 - January 3, 2010

President of Kellogg North America of Kellogg co. from July 23, 2007- August 2008
Chief executive officer of Kellogg North America of Kellogg co. - February 2002 - 2004

2002-August 2008 - Executive Vice President of Kellogg Company

President of Kellogg International of Kellogg Company since January 2004

February 2002-june 2004 - Chief Financial officer of Kellogg International

Vice President of Financial Planning - Cereal at Kellogg company October 1998

Vice president of Kellogg North America strategy development and business understanding

1998 - joined Kellogg company

2000 - Served as Vice President , trade marketing and as a member of the sales leadership team for Kellogg's USA inc.

Before Kellogg's - Planning Director for Lion Nathan Austrailia from 1997-1998

Chairman of Kellogg company since Juily 1, 2014

Director - Catalyst Inc.

Director - Kellogg company since July 2010

director- the grocery manufacturers association

MBA from University of Pennsylvania

John A Bryant

Born in Brisbane

Attended St Edmund's College in Canberra

1987 - Bachelor of commerce Australian National university

MBA - Wharton School at the university of Pennsylvania

Chartered Accountant - the institute of Chartered accountants Australia

Serves on the Board of directors - Grocery Manufacturers Association, Consumer Goods forum, the good marketing institute and catalyst

2. Has a mix of expert and information power
Expert: advanced accounting degrees
information: has held several significant positions within the company
Diversity starts with the hiring process

Out of every 21 hires, almost 50%
are women
The Board of directors is almost 50%
Ethical and Cultural Code

founder w.k. kellogg instilled the current code of ethics 100 years ago
55 page editorial dedicated to new and existing employees, it contains ethical and cultural standards
ethics tool; three critical questions:
Can we do it?
should we do it?
how do we do it?
The ethics tool is used by
mid and upper level management
to make precise ethical decsions
Professional Development programs
Leaders developing Leaders
"AS we Grow together we
win Together"
" Your success is
our Success"
Structured Development Programs
Formal Programming

Targeted Business Projects

Individual Coaching

1.John A. Bryant is an Authoritative leader
fired a number of employees during the recession between 2008 and 2012
Leadership Program
to "Unleash Talent"
consumers & customers
Grow Business
Think & Act Decisively
Collaborate W/ Others
Drive results
Develop skills & Capabilities
Lead Organization
Corporate Responsibility Report
Every other Year
4 Pillars:
1. Global Reach/
2. Community
4. Workplace
Bryant's Emphasis:
1. High Standard for food safety and Quality
2. Food Donations
3. Environmental Goals
4. Inclusion
Bryant's Corporate Knowledge:
Self Awareness
Behavioral Management

Global Reach

From Group 6

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Source List:
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