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PPS AVID Program 13-14

No description

Kelley Duron

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of PPS AVID Program 13-14

Madison High School
Cluster AVID feeder Schools
Scott K-8
K-State is where lifelong memories are made and stories are told, where you are one piece of a huge, magnificent puzzle. K-State is a place where you can experience tradition and be the future - The K-State Family
What is AVID?
Portland Public Schools Presents
Lee K-8
Adopted AVID, 2007
23% middle grade staff AVID trained
Serving 16 7th & 8th graders in one AVID section
100% non-White
75% free- and reduced lunch eligible
Adopted AVID, 2007
25% middle grade staff AVID trained
Serving 18 7th/8th graders in one AVID section
94% non-White
94% free- and reduced lunch eligible
Vestal K-8
Lee K-8
AVID is a college readiness system for elementary-higher ed, designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance. AVID pulls its elective students out of unchallenging courses and puts them on a college track: acceleration, not remediation.

AVID uses research-based teaching WICOR methods that focus on skills essential for college and career success.
Madison HS
Scott K-8
Vestal K-8

First to adopt AVID, 2005
Teacher-driven decision
38% of staff AVID trained
137 students served
72% free- or reduced-lunch eligible
77% non-White
73 AVID students enrolled @ least 1 AP class
5 sections, 9th-12th grades
90% of AVID seniors already accepted to college by mid-Feb.
Implemented AVID, 2007
38% Vestal MS staff are AVID trained
Serving 45 students in two AVID sections; 7th and 8th graders
73% are non-White
71% are free- or reduced-lunch eligible
Recently named one of 550 AVID schools (out of 4,500 worldwide) meeting metrics to indicate approaching an AVID Schoolwide College Readiness System.
Preparing to launch AVID Elementary in '14-15
Cesar Chavez K-8
Roosevelt High School Cluster AVID feeder schools
Astor, K-8
George Middle School
Peninsula K-8
Roosevelt High School
Implemented AVID, 2007
242 students served in 9 sections
72% Free/reduced lunch eligible
79% non-White
% of senior AVID students already accepted into college as of Feb. 15
61 AVID students enrolled in at least one AP class
Cesar Chavez K-8
Adopted AVID 2008
60% of staff AVID trained
Nearly 50 students served in 2 sections of AVID, 6th-8th grades
Binders mandatory for all middle grade students in school.
95% non-White
95% free- or reduced-lunch eligible
Astor K-8
Launched AVID 2013
40 AVID students in 2 sections; 7th & 8th grades
95% non-White
45% free- or reduced-lunch eligible
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