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Korean War Lesson

No description

Avery Choe

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Korean War Lesson

How Did War Start? United Nations Involvement War Continues China Gets Involved Background Korea becomes a divided country when WWII ended.
Japan surrenders north of the 38th parallel line to Soviets.
Japan surrenders south of the 38th parallel line to U.S.
North Korea becomes a Communist country
South Korea becomes non-Communist country. Korean War
Lesson By:
Avery Choe Why Did U.S. Get Involved? Review Questions Thank You By 1949, both U.S. and Soviets withdrew their troops from Korea.
Soviets thought U.S. would not defend South Korea.
Soviets provided North Korea with weapons to take over South Korea.
On June 25, 1950, North Korea attacked South Korea.
North Korean troops had penetrated deep into the south. North Korea
Communist South Korea
Non-Communist 38th Parallel Line Containment Policy
U.S. would help any nation fight off Communism.
President Truman felt that North Koreans were going to do the same thing that Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese had done.
Containment policy was being put to the test.
President Truman wanted to help South Korea fight Communism. South Korea asked U.N. for help.
U.N.'s Security Council votes to help South Korea fight North Korea.
Soviets forfeited its chance to veto the U.N.'s plan to help South Korea because they boycotted the council.
Soviets wanted China to be a part of council and not Nationalist China (Taiwan).
U.N. sends 15 nations to fight the war under the leadership of U.S. General Douglas MacArthur By Sept. 1950, North Koreans took all of Korea except a small town called Pusan.
MacArthur launched a surprise attack to push back North Koreans.
Half of North Koreans surrendered. Rest retreated.
U.N. troops pushed North Koreans close to Yalu River near China border. In Oct. 1950, China felt threatened by the U.S. fleet off their coast.
In response, China sent 300,000 troops to help North Korea.
The war has grown into a war between China and U.S.
Chinese pushed U.N. and South Korean troops out of North Korea and captured South Korean capital, Seoul.
MacArthur called for nuclear attack against China.
President Truman disagreed and fires MacArthur. War Ends Between 1951 and 1952, UN forces fought to push North Koreans back to 38th parallel.
UN troops recaptured Seoul and regain control of South Korea.
In July 1953, UN forces and North Korea sign a cease-fire agreement.
Two countries were separated at 38th parallel line.
Approx. 5 million soldiers and people died. How did Korean War start? Who started it?

Why did U.S. get involved in the war?

Why didn't Soviets vote to veto UN's decision to help South Korea?

How many nations were sent by UN to help South Korea? Who was the leader?

Why did China get involved in the war?

What caused the firing of General MacArthur by President Truman?

How and when did the war end? Korean War By:
Avery Choe 38th Parallel Line By:
Avery Choe
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