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Touchsquid Application Set up

Touchsquid Support Tutorials

s squid

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Touchsquid Application Set up

Setting up the Touchsquid Remote Application.
Setting up a new profile
This tutorial will guide you through the different steps to set up your very own devices and acitivities on your touchsquid application.
Here is the main screen you'll see once you start up the application.
If you would like to register for the online forum click on register.You'll be directed to the main website to sign up.
Now that you're in the home screen click on (settings).
Step 2:Click on create new profile.
Step 1:The current view is set toLandscape
Step 3:Choose from different languages.The default language will be English.
Step 5:Now, you can add your device type.
Step 6:Select a brand name.
Step 7:Click on the model number.
Step 8:Click on Try to test out your device.You can choose from the different commands of that device. The default is set to POWER TOGGLE. But you can test you for example CHANNE UP or CHANNEL DOWN. After you've turned on your TV.

Step 9:Once you have your first device click on .This will be the second device added to the profile.
Step 10:Select the model number of your set top box.
Step 11:Depending on your model you'll either click yes or no. In this case,yes because it's a DVR.
Step 12:Let's add another device.Follow the same steps and click on add device.
Step 13:Select model number/name.
Step 14:The third device has been added. Great, let's test it an see it if works fine.
Step 15:A fourth device , will be added make sure you follow the same steps as last time and click
Step 16:Make your selection,in this example I'll add a device under Media Manager.
Step 17:Select the model number/name.
Classic Theme Icons.
Classic Theme Remote Screen.
Lets try out the Classic Theme that appears to look like the earlier versions of the app.
This is the Alternative Theme Remote Screen.
This is how the main screen looks when you choose the Alternative Theme.With different choices to choose from it, makes fun and easy.
Step 41:Before the layout was on landscape this can be easliy changed now. Click on Portait to change the layout.Depends on you, what you like best.
Step 40:On the main screen ,the layout is set to landscape. Click on Options or your options hardware key on your phone to change it.
Screen:on Portrait Mode. Now, lets change the theme.
Step 19:Here we have 4 devices in one profile.
Step 18:
Make sure it works first!
Step 20:Click on Add Activity.The activities will vary depending on your device.
Step 21:
Click on Watch TV Mode.
Step 39:You can choose from the activities that we've created on the main menu.You can also switch between them, by pressing the button on top.
Media Manage Mode.
Watch TV Mode.
Step 22:
You can choose which devices to include in your activity.
Step 23:Now you want to select your devices and commands.
Step 28:You can change the activity icon by long pressing the icon.By pressing label you can name your activity anything you like.
Step 29:Choose from different icons provided or you can also add your own.
Step 31:If your cable box has a VOD channel number you can enter it with the VOD button. If it has a VOD command, then just leave it.
Step 30:Label changed to "Room 1".
You can add your own icons by following these simply steps.
Step 24:As you can see the icon is now different and it has a label.
Scroll down to LG TV.
Once a device is ready it will turn green.
Add icons!
Step 32:Now that I've got the commands I want , and all of my devices appear green. We are DONE!
Step 33:Lets add one more activity for our Asus Media Manager.So again here, select the devices you want.
Name your icons using _UP & _DN states.
1. Plug in your device using a USB cable into your PC or MAC.

2. Next go into your device and look for the "TSR" folder.

3. Click on the "ActivityIcons" folder.

4. Add your icons but make sure each of them have an_up and _dn state.
Step 37:You can choose to protect your password or not.
Step 36:Lets call the profile :
" Room 1 downstairs".
Step 35:You should now click on "Save Profile". Congratulations! You've have just finished settting up your very first profile.
Step 38:Click on"Back"now.
Step 27:Select an input component for your Set Top Box.
Step 25:You can also choose to say no.
Step 26:Select Input/Mode Option.
Step 1:Click on the remote button.
Step 2:You can swipe down where the device name is to get a drop down menu of your device.
Step 1:You can also swipe the left or right keys , to get to your other devices in your profile.
Step 2:You can also long press in the arrows for the drop down menu to appear.
SUCCESS! YOU'VE FINISHED THE FIRST TUTORIAL.Check out our other tutorials on customizing buttons, macros,and adding an input button.
Step 4:Add device.
Step 34:Here I've choosen Neither of te commands to use for the LG TV.
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