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16.1 flowchart

No description

Rachel Yoon

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of 16.1 flowchart

Map A Griffith mice S strain of Streptococcus R strain of Streptococcus live heat-killed transformation Avery, McCarty, and MacLeod DNA protein Experimented
on died of did not
die of didn't kill mice and killed mice found not caused Map B Hershey and Chase experimented
with Bacteriophage (phage) (only a protein and DNA) that

infects Bacteria 35 32 S P Waring blender high-velocity centrifugation by labeling and protein DNA used for Map C Watson and Crick X-ray crystallography Chargaff's rule purine structure Pyrimidine structure H-bonds Phosphate sugar backbone Used And held by Ratio is the same held by Map D Meselson and Stahl conservative dispersive semiconservative nucleic acid bases bacteria density equilibrium centrifugation replication Experimented for used grown in N N 14 15 moved to by matching then inspired gave ideas caused
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