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Travel in the 1920s

Methods of travel and popular travel places during the 1920s

Patrick Wylie

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Travel in the 1920s

Prior to the 1920s, vacationing was something only the wealthy got to enjoy Travel in the 1920s Some popular travel places included : Everyone else had to read about outside travel spots to learn anything about them and to just dream about vacationing With an increase in wages from people like Henry Ford, for the first time, Americans actually had the time and money to spend on travel. $$$ Mass production methods made automobiles affordable for the masses instead of just the rich In fact, in 1921 the number of automobiles in the United States had passed the ten million mark President Warren G. Harding spent $75 million to improve the nation's roads AND Which meant that more people would choose to simply drive their cars to their vacation spots; a much cheaper way of getting there Which leads us to... The different types ways to travel used back then But, Methods
Travel Trains Ocean
Liners Air
Travel Automobiles - Trains were one of the dominate forms of travel, they provided comfortable and reliable transportation for millions of American vacationers -After WWI, the development of aircrafts hastened and by the 1920s, aircrafts had become much more reliable and capable of flying longer distances -this allowed the aircrafts to carry heavier loads, such as cargo and people on a commercial basis. But the aircrafts were still new, and were mainly used just for mail -The ocean liner is another one of the most dominant forms of travel, as well as the main way to cross the Atlantic Ocean -Ocean liners also provided comfortable and reliable transport to the vacation resorts, and the luxury of the ocean liner was desired by many, such as: o Business men meeting overseas clients
o Entertainers on tour
0 Emigrants (lower class)
o Tourists making leisure trips (upper class) -As mentioned earlier, a large part of America began to simply drive to their vacation destinations, mainly because it was the cheapest way to get around Well, all of these different types of transportation are just great, but where exactly were these things going? Good question! There was many different places to go back in the 1920 with a wide range of different scenery to enjoy Those were just some of the more popular places people liked to travel in the 1920s
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