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what major i will have in college.


claudia rangel

on 21 November 2009

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Transcript of what major i will have in college.

what major i will have in college. claudia rangel.

i am not really sure what i really want to do but i know that i have one thing in mind.
tEver since i came back from africa i learned that by lendidng a hend you win alot more than
money but love. i want to do
social work i know i want to do social work because i want to help others. i want to better the social coonditions in my community . i believe that i will appreciate who i am more, and not fall into the AMERICAN way of life. ghana; a place where everyone is happy
and love the peace and harmony, a place where i learned that wat i want to do in life is social work. I just love the fact that when i am actually helping others i am not thinking of the out come for my self but who i am actually helping. Also i believe that you have to help from the heart and you cant just come and help when you really dont know whats really wrong.
beacuse the problem for you might not be the problem for them . These are some schools that i want to go to and achive my goals, i hope that one day i accomplish my goals and live happy with my life not beause of the money but because i look forward to my job everyday.
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