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Final Project DAForce

Human Centered Design

Darlene Force

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Final Project DAForce

Human Centered Design Coherence Inclusiveness Malleability engagement ownership responsiveness purpose panoramic transcendence INCLUSIVENESS
Kiva.org invites users to become part of their community by involving its users in the lives of the people that you loan money to. Kiva.org allows users to lend money
to people around the world for as
little as $25. Users can choose the
amount they give, what type of business
they want to invest in and where in the world they'd like to invest it. By allowing users to read the
stories of the people that they
might potentially invest in, they
become engaged in the in the
process of loaning money. Cooley states that coherence "means rendering highly visible what is going on and what is possible". We can see this in Kiva's tagline they offer "loans that change lives" featuring Kiva.org "Kiva empowers individuals to lend to
an entrepreneur across the globe. By
combining microfinance with the internet,
Kiva is creating a global community of
people connected through lending."
Kiva allows its users to take ownership of the lending process by allowing people to form lending teams to increase a sense of belonging to a community of lenders Ownership Responsiveness -Does not succeed
Kiva allows you to create a profile but not a lot of customization is allowed. Kiva involves its users in the "vision of the process" by allowing and encouraging lenders to promote any loan they wish on their own site or online social space. On the Kiva site users can learn more about international financing and risks and benefits which they can use outside of their website references Cooley, M. (2000). Human Centered Design . In R. Jacobson (Ed.)
Information Design (p. 68-82). Cambridge: MIT Press

Does not succeed
In the sense that Kiva "is capable of
responding to the purpose the user has
in mind" I doesn't really do that. There are search filters and thats about it. Darlene A. Force
Final Project IDT501
Dr. Kahn
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