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Stages of Essay Writing

No description

Alex Graham

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Stages of Essay Writing

Understand the assignment details

Word count
Assessment guidelines/rules etc.
2. Read
An essay shows knowledge. Knowledge requires good sources of information
Use quality academic references
Avoid general web searches, use academically-focused searches such as Google Scholar
Start writing the main body
If you get stuck return to your notes or do more reading
Remember signposts & transitions
Be prepared to make changes
1. Think
3. Outline
4. Draft
5. Edit
6. Proofread
Final Checks
Check and double-check the essay for errors
7. Read feedback
from teacher

8. Improve method for next time
The Stages of Essay Writing

A note on plagiarism
Unreferenced use of ideas from others
Evidence of plagiarism could lead to you failing the course or being expelled from the university

The solutions are:
Express the ideas of others in your own words (or occasionally in quotes) including an in-text citation & full reference
Think for yourself!

Try this 20 minute online tutorial:
Focused Reading
Choose your sources
Make sure the source is useful
After finishing your reading,
the plan for the essay should be
much clearer and more fixed

Make outline
keeping to the
basic structure
Do you have enough relevant information for each section?
Do you have enough evidence?
Have you addressed the
thesis statement?
This is a good time
to STOP and think
Keep to structure
& Use your notes
This is a good point
to discuss your essay ideas and plan with someone else
This is a perfect time to discuss your ideas with others. Different viewpoints can be extremely useful
After proofreading carefully
you can SUBMIT your essay
Questions about each paragraph:
Simple paragragh structure: sign, topic, support & concluding sentence?

Does each paragraph's topic sentence contain
the main idea of the paragraph?

Do all of the sentences in each paragraph relate
to the main idea?

Are the sentences in each paragraph in a logical

Have you used any signal (or linking) words to
link the ideas within each paragraph?
Questions about the essay as a whole:
Have you checked spelling and grammar?

Have you followed the guidelines eg. fonts, spacing etc?

Does follow the simple structure: introduction, main body, conclusion?

Does the writing show knowledge of the subject?

Have you used signposts and transitions?
Questions about content:
Questions about content:
Does your essay answer all parts of the question?

Are all of the paragraphs related to your addressing your thesis?

Are all the facts and figures correct?

Do you have correct in-text citiations and references?

Are your ideas clear?

Have you shown evidence to prove your ideas?
After reading an article STOP and think about what you have read.
If you get some new ideas from reading you could change change your
essay plan
Read lecture notes
Go to Google Drive and read the sections relevant to your essay
You should think about the essay as much as possible. Not only in this first stage but throughout the process
There are a number to things to check in your essay
narrow the focus
thesis and
main ideas
type of essay
for example: argumentative, summary-response, classification
Rough Outline
At this point you can think of your basic outline.
Your ideas at this stage should
be flexible.
Sources of information
Always note
the reference
Only notes
relevant info.
Don't note
Label notes to
make drafting
You are mainly
looking for
support your
Group ideas
Organize your notes
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