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Why take Foreign Language (Spanish)

A presentation on the benefits of learning Spanish

Caitlin McClelland

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of Why take Foreign Language (Spanish)

Why take a Foreign Language (Spanish)
There are basic advantages to learning a second language
Let's delve into a closer look into why our students should learn Spanish
ACTFL lists three main reasons why:
National reasons
Social reasons
Individual reasons

National Needs:
Competitive workers in today's global market
The English that international companies use is actually a hybrid of what we consider English

Mistakes of the past:
Nova= No va= It won't go in Mexico
Target uses the wrong Spanish flag for its t-shirts.
Social Needs:
Research shows students that learn another language are more tolerant for "other"
Creating cooperative relationships among cultural groups helps solve national, state, and local problems Individual Needs:
There is abundant research that shows the academic benefits to learning a L2:
higher test scores
higher reading proficiency
increased linguistic awareness
increased ability to hypothesize in science

What can we do to help our students
gain proficieny?
Take an interest in what is going on in our classroom
Encourage students to do thier best with assignments
Stay in contact
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