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Grand Cayman Island Blue Iguanas

For our ICT presentation

Emily Hamby

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Grand Cayman Island Blue Iguanas

Habitat Kingdom-Animalia
Family-Iguanidae Fact File Diet Blue Cayman Islands Iguanas eat
vegetable matter
Orchids Predators Human Threats Lets start the journey
With Emily and Jess Grand Cayman Island Blue Iguanas Bibliography Iguanas live on The Cayman Islands
Lives in jungle type area
Coming to extinct in the wild
Natural environment is disappearing
Habitat is constantly changing The main predators of the blue iguanas are wild/domesticated pets some human threats are:
property development
destruction of habitat for farming, roads, ect
shooting by farmers
road casualties Grand Blue Cayman Island Iguana www.nationalgeographic.com
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