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Online Digital Marketing campaign

Maruti SX4

Kaushik Banerjee

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Online Digital Marketing campaign

The all new
Maruti sx4

Online Marketing Strategy

(Month 1)
Launch Of Campaign
Month 2
CPA display ads can be used to generate leads in the consecutive month
CPO email campaigns will provide high measurability and this is the best model for lead generation
Augmented Reality which is an innovative & novel technology, can be used to integrate the offline campaigns with the digital ones (a strategy to convert the offline audience into online audience which would increase our engagement)

Month 3
Staying active on digital media all the time from inception
FB, Twitter, YouTube
Engaging people who are constantly searching for content relevant to our product by SEM.
Engaging with people who have come to our website once in last month. Through re-marketing we can communicate different messages to the prospects as per their needs.
Raise Brand awareness
Deliver test drive leads

Month 4
We can use tools like comScore Audience Measurement Platform to target potential buyers on different portals seeking same brand value. (will help in reducing the campaign cost up to a certain level as prominent portals will charge more for the ads)
Month 5
Design a game (for FB in particular) & make it viral on social media to generate leads.
The Story

Month 6
Generate stories about the campaign’s success on portals like Social Samosa, afaqs etc.
Stories related to lead generation, involvement, impressions, unique visitors
Measure the impact of the viral videos of the campaign on different social media platforms
Contrary to the usual practice, we would begin with story generation from the 6th month itself in order to increase the visibility of the campaign and subsequently its SUCCESS.
Register yourself. On registration get 500 points.

Shop for car parts from the points, modify the car. After you’re done with final design, it prompts you to share it with friends.

We judge the best modified car every week and reward the winner.
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
There would be an Integrated Campaign that shall include
FB, YouTube, Twitter, Campaign website
Own Media
Earn Media
Diff PR Sites

Google Adwords, FB ads, promoted tweets, sponsored videos
Month 1
Paid Media
Current Performance
Will engage more eyeballs by creating roadblocks on popular websites like (msn, yahoo, indiatimes etc)
The AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model.
Use of display ads can perform role of AIDA
Roadblock will provide 100% SOV
Engaging customers by rich media ads. Average time to be spent by user would be 25 -30 seconds.
SEO & SMO will start from inception of the campaign to provide higher search rank for the product – (Its a high involvement product so a potential consumer will spend more of his time in research )
Different viral videos can be prepared & shared on social media sites
Campaign specific Twitter handles with promoted tweets.
The Campaign cost would be around Rs. 3,000,000 monthly. This includes agency fees, app development, all social media channels, creatives, EDM etc.
We can pitch AR to the client and charge for the concept.
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