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Strategic Enrollment Plan

Given to Student Services

Jill Garber

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Strategic Enrollment Plan

2012 Strategic Enrollment Plan
Castle Rock and Parker Establish pathways for degree completion and transfer which is at the forefront of statewide master planning
It will meet community needs with a planned approach to course offerings and scheduling
Aid enrollment growth and retention efforts
Create an "identity" for Castle Rock and Parker while promoting the ACC brand The Strategic Enrollment Plan Will: Associate of Arts and Associate of Arts- Business/Castle Rock
Associate of Arts and Associate of Science/Parker
Provides the student with a prescribed sequence of courses Subject Focus Benefits: Ensures transferability
Gives students more choices instead of the same choices
Complements; not competes with Littleton Campus course offerings
Moves away from matrix scheduling so facilities can be fully utilized It intentionally offers students ways to take back to back classes without a break
Creates the vision of completion for the part time and full time student
Assists those students on financial aid who need 6-12 credits for eligibility Furthermore... Supports Concurrent Enrollment efforts by providing a clear linkage from the high school to the campus
Offers afternoon scheduling options for students who have met graduation requirements and are looking to fill their afternoons taking college courses Concurrent Enrollment Establishes a "promise" that marketing can promote
The opportunity for a new marketing message Marketing: Establish benchmarks
Revisit the plan each year
Continue to explore new opportunities; don't ignore community feedback
Get feedback from faculty, staff and students Looking Ahead:
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