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'The Mill' Edwin Arlington Robinson

Poetry Project Part IV

Natalie Bowes

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of 'The Mill' Edwin Arlington Robinson

The miller's wife had waited long,
The tea was cold, the fire was dead;
And there might yet be nothing wrong
In how he went and what he said:
"There are no millers any more,"
Was all that she heard him say;
And he had lingered at the door
So long it seemed like yesterday.

And if she thought it followed her,
She may have reasoned in the dark
That one way of the few there were
Would hide her and would leave no mark:
Black water, smooth above the weir
Like starry velvet in the night,
Though ruffled once, would soon appear
The same as ever to the sight.
Sick with a fear that had no form
She knew that she was there at last;
And in the mill there was a warm
And mealy fragrance of the past.
What else there was would only seem
To say again what he had meant;
And what was hanging from a beam
Would not have heeded where she went The speakers tone is grim and foreboding, as if
they already know that something bad is going to
happen. darkness is a common theme to portray
chericters problems in the poem. death is symbolized from the beggining of the poem to
the end. THE MILL this title represents the poem because it takes place in a mill, the main chericters being a miller and his wife.
by Edwin Arlington Robinson This shows how the millers wife had been waiting for awhile for the day to come that he killed himself. Mills were becoming more and more scarce
as the world industrialized, therefore when she
heard there were no more millers left she got
a sense of forebodeing. She was fearfull, but expecting.
It smelled of death in the Mill The words "there are no millers anymore"
had a new meaning. She discovered that the Miller had hung himself his body did not stop her from going... The water would swallow her and it would look as if nothing had happened One of the few ways there was to
dissapear without a trace... was to drown herself in the ocean. This poem is portraying the effect the economy
has on those of a lower class. Using dark and gloomy
word choice to portray the depression and evental
suicide of a miller and his wife. ababdcdc rhyme scheme.
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