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Steal their style project(Johnny Depp)

For are math project we shoped online and looked for outfits.

Manavdeep D

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Steal their style project(Johnny Depp)

STEAL THEIR STYLE I found Denim jeans
at Old Navy.com.
They are comfortable and nice looking. I found a leather wallet at Amazon.com.
its slim and costs almost half less than
Johnny's wallet. Hi I am Manavdeep this is my Prezi.
I am in Outer space but don't go close to the black hole it might suck you up. NOOOO!!!!!! Ignore that guy well the person I am choosing for this
project is Johnny Depp. I found a Fedora hat from Amazon .com.Its very similar to Johnny's
Fedora but cheaper.
.I found a skull beaded bracelet from ASOS.Its very alike but you can still
save a couple of $dollars$.

I found a t shirt from Amazon.com.
Its a cool looking t shirt and cheap. You just got ripped off
Johnny Depp !!! +14.99

=$324.48 90.00
17.51 This is what Johnny Depp payed. These are the prices I found the items for. 31.50


=$178.72 Johnny payed $145.76 more than I would have payed. THE
END Denim Jeans
Black Leather Boots
Fedora Hat
Leather Wallet
Skull Beaded Bracelet
RL Blue
Lost Tribe T Shirt $31.50 $21.99 $39.99 I found black leather boots at Amazon.com
they are tight and durable. $22.99 $12.31 $35.99 I found RL Blue from ASOS.com.Its the same
thing but for less.What's the point of buying a cheap thing for so much money. Comparing Total: Jeans
Black Leather Boots
Fedora Hat
Leather Wallet
Skull Beaded Bracelet
RL Blue
Dragon T Shirt Total: One hundred, seventy eight and seventy two
hundredths Written Form Expanded Form 100+70+8+.7+.02=178.72 100's 10's 1's . decimal tenth's hundredth's 1 7 8 . 7 2 Ordering I am ordering the prices from least to greatest
and $39.99. CHART Justify My outfit is better because it is much cheaper than Johnny's
outfit, the clothing is in good condition and its from lots of
different stores $13.95
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