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Sustainability of Different Exercise Environments

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Alex Floratos

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Sustainability of Different Exercise Environments

36,000 fitness centers in US
55 million members
Major reason for gym memberships
24-Hour Gyms
Members did not utilize extreme hours

Outdoor Benefits
"The natural environment has the ability to seduce and attract your attention system rather than demand it."
-Ruth Atchley
Replicate survival movements of ancestral world
Paleolithic era
Daily activity rather than "exercise"
Human genome same, daily life extremely different
Outdoors is key
Natural surfaces
Interacting with nature
Natural Movement Activity
"Energy consumption is just one part of sustainability, with human health and economic health also paramount. When all components of sustainability are analyzed, other forms of physical activity may possess higher levels of sustainability than traditional gym exercise"
-Matthew Metzgar
Natural Movement Workshops
Natural Movement Training
Sustainability of Different Exercise Environments
I argue that outdoor exercise proves to be more sustainable in many ways as well as the most beneficial to the individuals participating in outdoor activity as opposed to traditional indoor exercise due to the cheaper maintenance costs, easy accessibility, and the health advantages of interacting with nature.
Exercise adherence
Stress relief
Higher levels of activity
Less health issues
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