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The Past, Present and future of mobile phone technology

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laura shotaj

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Past, Present and future of mobile phone technology

The Past, Present and future of mobile phone technology
Mobile phones are forever changing and developing. However its crazy to think that in just 1995 standard mobile phones were huge and had a long antenna sticking out of the top. The 20th century and technology has offered us some amazing mobile phones but the question is what is going to be the latest new craze?
mobile phones back in 1995 were huge, thick and not very attractive. when 1996 came, mobile phones were made smaller and more simple and eventually in 1997 the long antenna was vanished from the mobiles.
1998 saw the birth of the colorful mobile phones that were released from Nokia available in colors such as: blue, red, green, yellow, orange and silver! As time went on, companies improved on the graphics however the main craze was the first even touchscreen mobile phone. it wasn't advanced but nevertheless it was touchscreen and this also started the introduction of promising future technology.

2001 - 2003
2001 was the birth year of the world’s first monochromatic display cell phone, and with that we wave goodbye to the old and boring black display. You could also change the wallpaper background! This was a huge hit! between 2002 and 2003 companies started to introduce camera's on the back of the phones.
2005 - 2007
In 2005, Sony unveiled the world’s first Walkman phone, The Sony W800 was built for delivering great music and with dedicated buttons for music playback, Memory Stick support, which made it a great gadget for enjoying music anytime on the go. And it still serves all the main purpose of a cell phone. In 2006, mobile phones were transforming with into a stylish gadget. In 2007, Apple Inc. unveiled the Apple iPhone, which was the world’s first advanced touchscreen smartphone. It’s the first phone to have an operating system, the iOS, and by enabling apps to run on the phone. Ever since our phones have got brighter, bolder, slimmer, sexier and more expensive!
present and future
mobile phones
1995 - 1997
1998 - 2000
the image above is an example of just how quickly mobile phones have been developed and changed in the space of just a few years!
technology is being developed every day so what will our phones end up looking like in the future?
since the release of the first iPhone we've had the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and now the 5c all in the space of 5 years! technology is now focusing on making flexible phones, phones with very long lasting battery's and phones that are virtually paper thin! click on the video below to watch a 2minute clip about the future of mobiles
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