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Research on Transmedia Storyteling

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Ho Hong Yun

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Research on Transmedia Storyteling

Research on
by Ho Hong Yun
In recent years, big production movie such as The Avengers and The Dark Knight will involve in different media platform. Base on character and story of the movie, computer and mobile device game will be available after movie released.

Different media platform can use to share a same story. Media already convergence and some new term such as “transmedia” appear. In this research, I will focus on transmedia storytelling.
I want find out answer about...
1. What is media convergence and transmedia
2. Why we need transmedia?
3. what cause transmedia storytelling?

Who Coined the term "Transmedia"?
Marsha Kinder
Professor of Critical Studies, USC
She coined the term "Transmedia" in 1991.
But the term not yet popularize until 2003.
Henry Jenkins

Program Head of Comparative Media Studies,MIT
Co-Director of Media In Transition

He used the term "Transmedia Storytelling" in his Technology Review article in 2003.
The term start being discuss in social until now.
Henry Jenkins explained “The flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behavior of media audiences who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want.” (Jenkins, 2006,p.02)
What is media convergence?
What is Transmedia?
“Transmedia is about evolving the way we tell stories to more accurately reflect the consumption habits of our audiences, by delivering independent yet connected stories across platforms.”- (Internet,what-is-trasmedia,22/06/2013)
"A transmedia story unfolds across platforms, with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole.”- (Jenkins,2006,p.98)
multiple media
multiple media
Although many media we have, but no single media satisfies our needs and lifestyle. Different media can cove up each other and make it completed.
Henry Jenkins in his book mention that "In the ideal form of transmedia storytelling, each medium does what it does best."(Jenkins,2006,p.98)

The Old World
Traditional Media Franchise
The New World
Transmedia Franchise
Traditional Media Franchise
Transmedia Franchise
Using media franchise as example to show the different between traditional and transmedia. In the new world we can see that transmedia franchise is a completed rectangle shape without any space between each other. It it perfectly integrate with other media.
In other to identify similarities and differences of transmedia storytelling, Henry Jenkins publish
7 Principles of Transmedia Storytelling in his official blog.

Spreadability vs Drillability
Continuity vs Multiplicity
Immersion vs Extractability
Spreadability is about how a story spread. It might spread through fan interaction. In Henry jenkins' book "Spreadable Media", he said" Our message is simple and direct: if it doesn't spread, it's dead."(Jenkins et al, 2013, p.01)
However, some people did not spread the story, they dig deeper into the story, understand the behind meaning of the story.
Continuity is a common storytelling technique, it maintain the storyline. However, multiplicity will let fans alternative retelling, let them see the story from fresh perspectives. Sometime it might be boring if compare continuity to multiplicity.
Immersion is bring fans enter into the world of story. Build 3D movie and game is the way to bring fans into world of story.
Extractability is about bring story to real life. They will make action figures so that the story character can come into real world.
Create different world to allow different story happening.For example, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz story happen on a magical world when character pass through space.
Each story end with a strong enigma, reader will continue to read afterward story.
Case Study- Matrix
Look back to Matrix will notice it applied the principles of transmedia storytelling. It use social media to spread their story, create game for immersion purpose.
Purposes of Transmedia
Create new business model.
Generate story value.
Make a story sustain more longer.
Expand extant story creativity.
Why people practice transmedia storytelling?
Technology become more advenced. We live in digital era.
Emerge of social media.
Transmedia storytelling will be the main
train until human emerge one media
can satisfy everybody needs. It might be
happen after few years due to the progressive
of technology. For now, it still a new ways to telling stories. Im still learn to practice it.
Futher Exploration
Explore deeper the concept of transmedia storytelling.

Research on participatory culture and collective intelligence.

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