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No description

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of myUQ

Current status in the day
Critical change (used rarely) and
will be used for important
Show's current timetable activity
This will show available study spots
on campus
Need to book a computer? This section
will show you a list of available computers
and will allow you to book a computer
Allow students to view transport options, as well
as defining they're location so myUQ can recommend bus / train and city cat routes
Select whether to view today's plan, or another day this week
Weekly view
Filter suggested Now events
On rollover, information tab slides up to give the user further information about the event
Showing remaining time to event
Bookmark / Save the event for future reference
Study will have all your study information, including Blackboard, mySI net data etc
View campus map and building names, as well as your current location on the map itself
Edit and view your myUQ user profile

You will be able to view...
- Courses enrolled / previous courses you've completed
- Your current UQ lifecycle (how many subject left to do for example)
- Library fee's
- Other financial information like HECS debt

Edits will include....
- Profile picture (facebook upload)
- Name / home address and nationality
Notifications showing
- Emails
- Alerts
- Events in your calendar
- Bookmarked activities or events
Main navigation (which will slide out
to reveal menu items)
To navigate between NOW, EVENTS, ALERTS and NEWS, users will be required to swipe left and right to flick between those streams. The user can also tap on the menu above to navigate through to the various sections
Dashboard will contain....

- View campus map
- View study spots
- Computer availability
- Transport information
If you have free time in your calendar, you can tap here and myUQ can come up with some suggestions for you to fill in this free time
At the start and end of your day the portal will attempt to suggest a relevant bus to and from campus
This will show what your calendar will look like on that particular day. This will give you an indication if you might be free to participate in the event/activity, or whether it might clash with something you already have on.
This shows the event in your timetable. The green
indicates that there is no clash with any other items
Button which will quickly add this to your calendar
This demonstrates an event with multiple dates. Selecting one of the days will then update the calendar view to the right.

This single online place will be:

– it reminds you of important events coming up at UQ, and helps you to organise your life.
– it will only show you information that is relevant to you, and remember who you are and what you’re studying.
– it will help you easily and quickly access the information you need, and complete the tasks you have to do.
Familiar and welcoming
- like your ‘online home’ at UQ.
Contemporary & modern
– it looks good, and in line with what you would expect from a world-class university like UQ.
Ease of connection to the broader UQ community
– advising you on events, workshops, sessions relevant to you.
– you feel like someone cares & is listening, and there is a ‘person’ readily on hand to help you, or answer your queries.

You will be able to easily access it via a computer, laptop, tablet or your phone.

This shows the location of
the event
Print event information
Email to a friend
Share on social media
Showing an event from the NOW on campus section
Indicates how many things you have on in that particular day
Upload a profile picture via facebook
Change information about yourself
Showing the courses your currently enrolled in
Showing your UQ life cycle. This will show what stage of UQ your at, right through from orientation to graduation.
A list showing your course progress
A list showing Hecs debt, other financial fee's and overdue library fee's
Colour coding to denote type of event
Time remaining to event
Old portal
Previous events are grayed
Mobile view
Full transcript