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State of Emergency

A Book Report on the 2013 Novel State of Emergency

Breydon Doubet

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of State of Emergency

State of Emergency
Book report by: Breydon Doubet
Book by: Marc cameron
main characters:
Jericho quinn
Jericho Quinn is an Air Force Captain that does work out of his line of work. He is in his early forties and has brown hair with green eyes. He has a sort of rough face from all of his missions. He is more of a military hit man than anything. He goes on dangerous undercover missions tracking down and killing terrorists.
Thibodaux is the massive co-worker of Jericho. He helps Jericho with any requests of his. He is a muscular Cajun that serves an importance to the story.
Boaz Quinn
Boaz is the bother of Jericho and is a mechanic. He helps out in with his mechanic skills. He has gone down a different path than Jericho and is more of a criminal.
Valentine Zamora
Zamora is a mass murdering Venezuelan. He plans to bomb D.C. with the Baba Yaga. Which is a very powerful nuclear bomb that had been made during the Cold War, but never used. He wants to bring it back to life.
Julian Monagas
Monagas is the same size and is practically the alter ego of Thibodaux. He is Zamora's cronie and does his dirty work.
Matt Polard
Matt Polard is a former co-worker of Zamora. He is now a nuclear sciences professor at a college. Zamora captures him and takes his wife and child hostage. Zamora plans on Matt bringing Baba Yaga back to life.
Aleksandra kanatova
Aleksandra is a Russian spec ops agent. She is pretty short with blonde hair. She works with Jericho because she has the same assignment as him.
Lourdes Lopez
Lourdes is Zamora's messed up female companion. She finds pleasure in torture and has a deep hatred for babies. She is keeping guard on Matt Polard's wife and child; Marie and Simon.
Ronnie garcia
Even though she plays a small part she helps out. Ronnie is a U.S. spec ops agent of Mexican descent. She helps out on a few missions in the book.
The book takes place throughout the world. Including several parts of the U.S., several parts of Europe, the Middle East, and several parts of South America.
The story takes place in present time, 2013
The setting gives you an exciting feeling because of all the dangerous places that they're in and you don't know what's coming next.
The book starts out with unimportant characters accept for Loredas. A U.S. spec op and a Russian spec op had received intel on a nuclear bomb being transported. This truck is driven by a paid Ukrainian man and his wife. The truck is stopped by Mikael Polzin the Russian spec op, and Loredas. He is undercover at the time and the American is watching from afar. Zamora and Monagas arrive later. The man and his wife are executed because they're no longer needed. The enemies obtain the bomb and both spec ops agents receive brutal meat hook deaths. Later Zamora has the bomb hidden in his childhood church. The story then flutters to a hospital in Seattle where they are treating a patient. The girl says that she was paid to swallow cocaine in plastic containers, and then retrieve them later. The "cocaine" is actually plutonium. One of the bags had a hole in it burning her insides. The story then goes to Virginia where Jericho is tracking a corrupt politician that murdered his wife. He is following him through traffic, where the politician, Hartman Drake, gets on a barge and Jericho loses him. Drake knew he was being watched for several weeks and had hired thugs to protect him. These "thugs" are Japanese samurai artists. He takes out one with his knife and the other stabs himself for honor. Jericho shoots the next one because he doesn't have time to loose Drake. He is soon called by his boss about several recent acts of terrorism and a new assignment for him. Jericho leaves thinking someone else will have to continue following Drake. Aleksandra Kanatova is in Russia investigating a recent incineration bomb that killed hundreds. She is also recruited to find Zamora like Jericho. Zamora and Monagas are making their way to Miami commiting crimes along the way. Quinn and Thibodaux meet up and head to a Miami speedway for their first assignment. There with Ronnie Garcia they try to track down Zamora who is in the bike race. Jericho being a born bike rider participates in the race to get Zamora's attention. He does and Zamora offers for Jericho, Monagas, and Garcia to come to his party at a Miami rented house. They agree so they can find more info on him. At the party they recognize many well known terrorists, and an acting up Aleksandra Kanatova. She gets herself thrown out and after a while of snooping around they leave. Jericho runs into Aleksandra later when she is trying to sneak back into the building. A Ukrainian terrorists spots her but Jericho takes him out in time. Jericho explains his position in the Air Force and she is skeptic at first, but they all leave the party that night in one piece.
The group figures out that Zamora will be taking part in the Dakar Rally, a dangerous bike race in South America. Quinn told him that he'd be there since he is now "friends" with Zamora. Zamora consults about the bomb with his co-workers and works with Matt Polard for a bit. Quinn and his group interrogate more people about the bomb. Everyone makes their way to South America. Jericho had contacted his younger brother Boaz, to help with mechanics on the trip. Everybody meets up with each other and the race starts. Jericho stays up in the lead with Zamora for the most part. He then gets separated when something strange starts going on. There is a huge stretch of crashes, helicopters coming down, and cars on the track. Zamora is still going and Jericho wants to stay close to see what he is up to. He follows Zamora into a marshy area where he crashes his bike and strikes his head on a rock knocking him out. He wakes up to see two Ukrainian terrorists pointing a gun at Zamora's head. Jericho stealthily hits one on the head with a rock. He then shoots the other with the other's gun. Zamora is surprised and is starting to get suspicious about Jericho. They both get up and get back to the pandemonium of the race track. The race lasts several days and takes a while. When the race ends Zamora moves on to India where Matt Polard and the bomb is. Jericho and his group get a plane ride to India where they are dropped of in the Himalayas. They have a GPS tracker on Zamora and are following him the villages and mountain sides. The group gets a taxi to drive them through a treacherous mountain pass. On the way there the rode is blocked so Jericho and Alexsandra walk ahead a ways. They see Zamora in a gunfight with more terrorists. They rush back to the taxi to get Jericho's bike. They drive over the blockades and fire at the terrorists. Zamora and Monagas get in their car and bolt it. They now know that Jericho is the enemy. They drive through the pass getting shot at by terrorists. Aleksandra shoots back, while Thibodaux comes up in the rear in the taxi. They manage to wipe out the terrorists, but lose Zamora by at least a couple of miles.
After getting down from the passes they find an Indian village. Zamora has gone on a river boat. They also get a boat to follow Zamora. Down the river they hear gunshots off to the side. This is where Matt Polard and the bomb are being held. They get out unnoticed to see a shootout with Zamora's cronies and more Ukrainian terrorists. They meet up with a wounded Matt Polard who asks them to save his wife and child. Aleksandra who is grieving the loss of her partner goes after Monagas, who killed Mikhail her partner. The shootout ends with Monagas dead, Thibodaux and Boaz are wounded, and Zamora has escaped with the bomb. Thibodaux, Boaz, and Matt Polard will be air extracted, while Jericho and Aleksandra follow Zamora. He is heading to an airstrip where he will be taken to the church and he will detonate the bomb there. They get there just seeing Zamora's plane leave. A pilot who was a relative of their taxi driver offers to fly them to their destination. After a few transfers they get to D.C.
They arrive at the church finding the bomb already planted in the boiler room. They have a small shootout killing Zamora. They still need to disarm the bomb. They fail and blackout from the explosion. It ends up that the bomb was a dud and it was only a small explosion that kept them alive. The book ends at a celebration ceremony at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. It ends with a woman sniper deciding who to shoot in the crowd. Before this Thibodaux and a few other agents rescue Marrie Polard and Simon Polard from Lorades who gets jailed.
Personal opinion
I enjoyed this book. Sometimes it was hard to follow with the writer's style. But it was very suspenseful and action packed. I would give this a 9 out off 10. I would recommend this to anyone who interested in action or thrillers.
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