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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid "Cabin Fever"

No description

Brianna Kane

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid "Cabin Fever"

Supp characters!
Brief Summary!
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Greg is nervous because it's almost Christmas and he wants to be really good so Santa will bring him presents! But he wants to make money so, he tries to put on a arcade type place! But when he advertised it on the school wall with posters it started to rain! Then it got covered in goo and sticky posters. So he ran when someone came by! The school was looking for the ones responsible! But then they got snowed out and he was stuck at home and his dad was stuck at a hotel. Then there was so much snow that the basement flooded and the power went out! But they found out that manny had turned of the power for everyone room but his! Then the snow melted and Dad came home and they had Christmas! Later when he went back to school, the teachers found out and he had to clean off the walls! I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson! The End!
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Mom- This is Greg's mom, she babies Manny but is responsible with the other two.
Dad- Is quiet and wants his boys to succeed at life.
Rodrick- Rodrick is the big brother and he picks on Greg sometimes
Manny- Is the baby of the family and usually is quite picky.
Rowley- Is Greg's best friend and is a little bit childish.

The setting of the story is at Greg's house in the winter!
Main Characters!
Greg- He is the only main character! Greg is humorous, lazy, clever and a video game freak.
Greg is looking out a window during the snowstorm.
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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid "Cabin Fever"
By: Brianna Lynn Kane!
The climax is when he gets called to the principles office and he wonders if hes going to get caught!

I think the theme of this story is that to think of others first and to also never put posters on a wall when its raining!
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