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Hatchet Book Report

Hatchet Book Report By: Wade, Judge & Cole. Hope you like it!! :)

Cole Johnson

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Hatchet Book Report

how will he survive
will he be saved
where will he live
problems now
Brian Robeson
his life
his problems
Start Of Survival
On Brian's way to see his Father, the pilot
had a heart attack. Brian steered the plane into a
shaped lake. He thought well of the environment, it had water, berries, fish and wood to build a structure.
How Did He Get Food?
Brian is a city boy. He does not understand the natural world. For example, to him food comes from the grocery store.
Brian lives in an apartment with his mother. They are normal people living a regular life in the city.
How did Brian get food? He knew he needed food so he found some berries. He called the berries "Gut Berries".Once Brian had been out for longer he made a spear and a bow and arrow to spear and shoot fish. He also had a fire to cook the fish
His parents are divorced and his dad lives in northern Canada. It is his dads turn to have custody. He will now have to fly in a plane with only one other person to Canada.
Making Fire
Brian had to make a fire for warmth and to cook food. He used it as a signal fire too. He thought it was the most important part of surviving.
Brian's Shelter
Brian needed a shelter to survive. 1st he had to find a place to build it, he found a overhang. 2nd he had to make walls, Brian chopped down some trees and and turned them into walls. Soon he had a house with a fire and other stuff in it.
Hatchet Timeline
What would you trade for a hatchet?
Definitely my hatchet.
What was your most useful tool?
Brian Interview
A satellite phone.
Who would you want to be with you in the forest?
My mom.
Brian gets a hatchet from his mom.
He gets on a plane to see his father.
The pilot has a heart attack
He crashes into an
shaped lake.
Brian takes control of the plane
Gary Paulsen
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