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Do Now: 2/10/15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Do Now: 2/10/15

Do Now: 2/10/15
As always, copy the quote and author completely and accurately. Then, write a meaningful response based on deep thinking about the quote and what it adds to this week's concept: HAPPINESS.

"Happiness can exist only in acceptance."
-George Orwell

Let's watch a video about distinguishing between active and passive voice...and zombies.
Active versus Passive Voice

1. Review the roots and related words.
2. Prepare to be called upon to supply answers to the practice exercises.
Roots Practice
Presenting our Freedom Quilt Patches
As we read this excerpt from a biography on Tubman, please take notes in preparation for a Research Simulation writing task to be completed on Thursday. Take notes on the parts of each text that you deem relevant to the writing task.

The task asks you to provide evidence from multiple texts that Harriet Tubman was the "Moses of the people" and that she, in that role, exhibited bravery.
Harriet Tubman

Now, we'll look at some more explanation and then do some practice.
Be polite and respectful both as a presenter and as a member of the audience.
Make eye contact
Assume an attentive and professional posture that demonstrates attention
Refrain from side conversations or any distracting noise making.
No questions please.
best day ever
Turn to page 485 in the textbook. Prepare to take notes.
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