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Persuasive Writing Techniques

6 techniques

Ruby Wildes

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing Techniques

Make Comparisons
Use metaphors, similes, and
relate your scenario to something
your reader already accepts as true


Stories allow people
to convince themselves
Helps better convey
your point
Make your main point in
several different ways
Techniques Used to Persuade
Emotional Appeal
Reasons WHY?
Loaded words evoke an
emotional response (+ or -)
Agitate the reader - cause
pain and then offer a solution
Social Proof
Most Powerful psychological
force in our lives: guidance
from those we trust
Quote outside authorities
Counter the Argument
Address all potential
Know your subject well
enough to override objections
Provide a Glimpse
into the Future
Persuasion vs.
Remember the power of
the word 'because'
Tell your reader why and
back it up
Paint a picture of what the future
will be like:
with a solution or change in place
or not in place
Current problem Future Outcome
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