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ANDREW JACKSON: Hero or Villain?

No description

Rachael Streitman

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of ANDREW JACKSON: Hero or Villain?

Hero or Villain?
I swear that I'm not that bad!
A Controversial Presidency
Jackson Bio
7th President
Served in Rev. war
Hero in War of 1812
Lost presidency in 1824, but won in 28!
Had humble start in life
Jacksonian Democracy
Started our modern Democratic party
Believed in getting the common-man to vote & join in on politics
Viewed as man's-man
Indian Removal
Jackson wanted to open the west for settlement
Indian Removal Act
: All natives east of the Mississippi had to move
Congress said Oklahoma was the nation's new Indian Territory

IRA, Continued...
Natives in Georgia refuse to move, so Georgia militia attacks them.
Natives sue the state in federal court and WIN
SCOTUS says: You can't force natives to move
ignores the court
and continues to enforce the IRA
In 1838, US troops led a forced 800 mile march of Cherokees out of Georgia, toward Oklahoma

4000 Cherokees (1/4) died

Known as
"Trail of Tears"
WAIT! You can just IGNORE the Supreme Court?!?!
Conflict over Tariffs
Tax on imports/exports

Northern manufacturers wanted HIGH tariffs, but southerners w. little industry wanted LOW tariffs

1828: Congress passes law w. high tariffs, South says Congress is favoring North

Vice prez John Calhoun is MAD!!! He's strict constructionist and thought states could ignore laws they thought were unconstitutional
Calhoun and South Carolina tried to NULLIFY Congress's tariff! They threaten to LEAVE the country!
Jackson threatened to send troops to S.C. to FORCE them to pay it!!!
They agreed to pay (and Congress said they'd lower the tariff a bit)
Tariffs Cont'd...
Foreign Diplomacy & Debt
ONLY Prez to pay off our national debt
Opens new ports for trade
Threatens France to pay back their debts to us, and they do!
Tries to buy Texas from Mexico. He fails, but maintains neutrality with them!
The Bank!
Doesn't like national bank, thinks it's unconstitutional and too powerful..
.vetoes it!
Convinces Congress not to recharter it
STOPS 2nd bank of US, moves money to state banks

YOU be the JUDGE
I can explain how early presidents

1) Created a strong fed government

2) Had smooth transitions of power

3) Repelled foreign invasion!
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