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How to Speak Dolphin

No description

Katelyn L

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of How to Speak Dolphin

How to Speak Dolphin
The book How to Speak Dolphin takes place in Miami, Florida.

Adam is a little boy with autism whose mother died and is now being raised by his father, Don, his half-sister, Lily, and his nanny, Suzanne. Adam is a sweet a playful kid who loves dolphins. Even though he can be a bit hard to handle at times Adam is very loving and caring.
12-year-old Lily is one of the main characters in the book How to Speak Dolphin. Lily is not very social and doesn't have a lot of friends. One reason Lily probably doesn't have a lot of friends is, because she takes on so much responsibility watching out and taking care of her autistic little brother Adam.
Zoe is Lily's friend that she met in the park. Zoe is blind, but has no trouble getting around. Zoe is very kindhearted and is a very good friend to Lily.
Don is a father and stepfather of two children Lily and Adam. Don's biological son Adam has autism and sometimes it is hard to focus on his job as an oncologist, which is a doctor who specializes in treating people with cancer, when he has to worry about finding a new nanny for Adam every day. Also, with his stepdaughter, Lily, always nagging him about putting Adam in a program that will give him the help that he needs.
Written by: Ginny Rorby
Suzanne is Lily's and Adam's nanny that Don hired. Suzanne is very helpful when it comes to dealing with Adam's problems. Suzanne is very sweet and cares about the Moran family.
Nori is such a sweet dolphin, she is super fun and loves to play. Nori was separated from her mother when she was taken to an aquarium, because she had cancer.

How to Speak Dolphin was written by Family Book Award-winning author Ginny Rorby. Ginny is a well-known author who has written many wonderful novels.
About the Author
The Beginning of Nori
A little dolphin was born in Panama City, Florida, where she took her first breath. As summer approached and the waters got warm, the dolphins would go to a spot where a boat full of humans from AquaPlanet would come and visit them. A little boy, Owen, was on the AquaPlanet boat when they visited the little dolphin, he got to name her, and he chose to name her Nori.
A Normal Day in the Morans Life
New Friend
When Lily decides to skip school after Suzanne is late to watch Adam, she takes a walk in the park by the water. While she is a the park she sees a girl about her age sitting on a bench with a cane. After talking to the girl, or Zoe, Lily discovers that she is blind, but uses echolocation to know where things are. Lily and Zoe quickly become friends
At the Aquarium
Potty Training
Lily got home and I saw Suzanne and Adam in the back yard. So, she went over to see what they were doing. When she got out there she saw a tuna can in the middle of the yard and Suzanne standing next to it. Curious, Lily went over to see what they wee doing and Suzanne told Lily it was a target. That was how Suzanne potty trained there boy, but Adam needed an example. Lily walked into her step dads office and told him that Suzanne wanted him. Don walked out saw the tuna can and had a very confused look on his face. Suzanne said to Don the same thing she told Lily. Don nodded and agreed. Lily was to embarrassed to watch. After Don showed Adam How to do it he tried to help Adam do it, but as usual it ended up a mess.
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When Lily invited Zoe to go to the aquarium with Lily, Don and Adam to see Nori Zoe is not happy with what she sees. Nori was in a concrete tank all alone. Zoe felt very sorry for Nori. While Don and the vet at the aquarium talked about Nori's health Zoe tried to listen in and learn more about Nori while at the time blurting out questions and comments during Don's conversation. This made Don and the vet very frustrated. Zoe apologized to Lily for it. After talking about Nori the vet told Don that Adam could go down into the tank to play with Nori. Adam loved Nori and Nori felt the same way in return.
Adams First Day of School
When it All Began
Lily first learned about Nori when her step dad Don left that mornings on the kitchen counter that talked about Nori and Nori's story. Lily asked Don about it and found out that Don was going to go and take a look at her, because Don specializes in cancer. Also, Don and Lily are hoping Adam will get the chance swim with dolphins.
Don had been looking at programs that might be able to help Adam. After finding a a therapy program with dolphins Don thinks it might work. Don called the school and told them Lily would not be in school that day, Lilly and Suzanne brought Adam to his first day at school the discovered that Adam could no go if he was not potty trained. Luckily, they made a deal. Unfortunately, Lily and Suzanne would have to change his diapers every day while he is at school. They also had ipads and devices the help Adam communicate. The people there were very nice and worked well with Adam. Adam first day at school went pretty good for the most part.
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