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Justin Bieber - A Tragic Hero

No description

Celina Nguyen

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Justin Bieber - A Tragic Hero

Justin Bieber - A Tragic Hero
One Tragic Flaw
Trying too hard to be like Michael Jackson
Results in
He has a lack of self control
Justin Bieber is not able to cope with stress very well
Pressure from the attention of his fans and the media
Begin in a Position of Greatness
By the age of 13, Justin Bieber caught the attention of Scooter Braun from his youtube videos which helped him sign a record deal with Usher
Experiences Allenation
Death of his Public Image
Arrested January 23 2014, with charges of drag racing under influence of drugs and alcohol
Justin Bieber
His success may have gotten to his head, and his actions may have caused him to become a tragic hero.
Similarities Between JB and MJ
Abandoned pet monkey in Germany
Did not have the right paper work
March 2013
Abandoned Pet Monkey
Punches Paparazzi
Whilst on a date with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber punched a cameraman who got too close
Great Wall of China Laziness
Bieber forces his body guards to carry him up the Great Wall of China
October 2013
Neighbors' Complaints
Bieber spat in his neighbors face after an argument about his reckless driving
October 2013
Bad behaviour= loss of fans
Eg. A Petition created to deport the pop star
Deportation of JB
Eventually reached 275,000 signatures
Public Figures
Justin Bieber
Learned to play drums at the age of 2; piano at the age of 6/7;guitar at the age of 10 and the trumpet at the age of 13
After Believe Tour = earned $58 million dollars
Net worth of $130 million dollars
Morals = perseverance
Inspired thousands of people
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