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The Top 10 Inventions/Discoveries From 1951 to 2000

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Amy Savastano

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of The Top 10 Inventions/Discoveries From 1951 to 2000

1. The Invention of the Internet (AS)
How Did We Form Our List?
10. The Invention of PEM Fuel Cells (AS)
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Device that converts the chemical energy produced by the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to electrical energy
Used in many factories as the main source of power
Can also be used in homes and vehicles such as cars, tractors, and forklifts
Virtually no pollution because the only by-product is water
Next step towards an efficient and environmentally friendly world
8. The Discovery of the Polio Vaccine (AS)
Poliomyelitis vaccine introduced by Jonas Salk in 1952
1952 was height of polio epidemic
58,000 cases, 3,145 of which were fatal and 21,269 of which resulted in mild or severe paralysis
Approved nationwide in 1955
In 1962, only 910 cases of polio reported
Number of cases decreased each following year
Relieved families from worry and prevented the imminent spread of polio worldwide
6. The Invention of Barcodes (AS)
Patented in 1952
First industry to adopt the idea was railroad industry (to keep track of freight cars)
Many other industries followed after barcode scanning process was improved with lasers
Other industries involved: automobile, grocery, health care, animal tracking, shipping
Barcodes are extremely efficient, economically friendly, organized, and widely used throughout the world
4. The Invention of the Laser (AS)
Light amplification stimulated emission of radiation - invented in 1960 by Theodore Maiman
-Entertainment- CDs and DVDs, laser light shows
-Physical health/appearance- acne, growth, and hair removal, cancer treatments, surgical procedures
-Military- used for aiming, as weapons, and for security methods
-Organization through barcodes, new forms of art, revamped healthcare industry
-Many scientific fields use lasers (ex; photochemistry, microscopy, spectroscopy)
-Processes that involve laser: nuclear fusion, metal welding, laser printing, fiber optic communication
-lasers are very inexpensive, but are efficient, versatile, and applicable to many fields
2. The Invention of the Mobile Phone (MH)
The mobile phone was made in 1973
-people are never without their cell phone
-being in constant contact changed lives and plan making
-staying in touch is easy
-cell phones are owned by people everywhere, and help people who are millions of miles away keep in touch
-cell phones have changed their thought process, if they have a question they will google it
-Phones are constantly evolving and getting smaller, sleeker, smarter
-their capabilities have grown and they've developed touch screens
-they will always be advancing
-people pay a monthly phone bill
-there will always be a new version people are willing to buy
-the market will never be stagnant
The Top 10 Inventions/Discoveries From 1951 to 2000
By: Amy Savastano and Meaghan Harkin
9. The Discovery of Gene Splicing (MH)
7. The Discovery of Microprocessors/Doppler Radar (MH)
5. The Invention of the ATM (MH)
3. The Invention of the Personal Computer (MH)
created individual lists after researching online
collaborated and combined our lists
listed SPRRITE factors for each one
ordered them so that the top inventions/discoveries had the most SPRRITE factors and the bottom ones had the least
Invention: creation of a material object/device/process
Discovery: a new finding that contributes useful information to society
Internet invented in 1969, World Wide Web invented in 1993

: Social media websites and email - cultural exposure
: Politicians advertise their campaigns and publicly discuss local and international political issues
: Internet brings the world together- people without the opportunities to travel can experience other countries just as fully
: Enables connections between experts and beginners, has reliable information on every subject
: easy collaboration between inventors, speeds up the process of inspiration, creation, and perfection
: online buying and selling, pre-ordering, expansion of shipping industry, effortless advertising, job applications and opportunities
Found in 1973 by Herb Boyer and Stanley Cohen
Allowed doctors to inject altered DNA into someone to stop or start the production of enzymes and proteins
Helped control detrimental diseases, like cancer.
The microprocessor was modernized in 1970 and revolutionize Doppler technology
improved weather and air traffic control radars
improved coverage
became part of everyday life
The Automated Teller Machine was patented in 1960- allowed people to have self servicing banking
- Made banking much more quick and efficient
-less social interaction; dehumanized banking
-ATM's are almost everywhere
-One on almost every city block
-There was a race to develop a self-servicing bank (Japan, Sweden, UK,& US)
-ATM's are constantly being remodeled
-touch screen banking
-ATM's grew in popularity, more demand
- helps money flow
-makes it easy to access money

First personal computer made in 1977
-connects people instantly
-makes work instant
-instant shopping
-used for everyday tasks (calculator, work, homework, invitations)
-show mankind's intellect and drive (computers went from the size a room to being light as a feather)
-always looking for the next enhancement and improvement
-it was a huge step, going from a large desktop to a portable laptop
-always becoming more advanced
-market is continuously expanding
-they're always becoming more advanced, so people keep buying them
-also opens up the online shopping market
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