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Roman gods and our planets

No description

Melanie Barron

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of Roman gods and our planets

& our Planets
Roman Gods
The Romans worshiped many different gods.
Our Planets
Our Planets
When the Roman's conquered Greece they were influenced by many parts of their culture. They were so influenced by their culture they borrowed some of these ideas, such as their architecture (buildings), philosophy and of course their gods/goddesses.

The Greek and Roman gods are very similar except with different names.

Just like in Greece the gods/goddesses were based on human personality traits such as Love, Honor, Hatred, and Dignity.
All of our planets, except for Earth, were named after Roman gods and goddesses.

Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury were given there names thousands of years ago. Those were the only planets that the ancient Roman's could see without a telescope.
The other planets in our solar system were not discovered until much later, when telescopes were invented. Even then, the tradition of naming the planets after Roman gods/goddesses continued.
This planet is named after the winged messenger who moved very quickly.
This god was picked to name this planet because Mercury orbits the sun the fastest of all other planets. Wore wings on his hat and shoes
This planet was named after the goddesses of love because from Earth, Venus shines very bright and beautiful.
Mars was given its name after the god of War, Mars. It was given this name because Mars is red like blood and Mars was known as one of the most dangerous and "bloodiest" gods.
Since Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, it was named after the most important god to the Romans, Jupiter. Jupiter was the protector of the Roman land and is the king of the other gods. He is married to Juno (Greek name Hera).
Most moons are also named after the gods and creatures found in Roman Mythology.
Greek name: Hermes
Greek name: Aphrodite
Greek name: Ares
Greek name: Zeus
Saturn is the Roman god of agriculture and time, but was replaced by his daughter, Ceres. He was often celebrated in Rome at the beginning of a new year.
Greek name: Cronus
The planet Uranus is named after the god of the Sky because it is blue. Uranus is the father of the Titans and grandfather to Jupiter (Zeus)
Greek God: Uranus
Even though Pluto is no longer a planet, when it was, it was named after the Roman god of the Underworld. It was given this name because it is so from the sun it is dark and nothing living could survive there.
Greek name: Hades
Greek name: Poseidon
Neptune was named after the god of the Sea because of its blue color. Neptune was also the god of earthquakes and carried around a trident.
Other gods that were borrowed from the Greeks were...

Minerva- Athena- Goddess of Wisdom

Apollo-Apollo- God of light

Vulcan- Hephaestus- Blacksmith god and volcanoes
The Romans, just like the Greeks, had many gods. They believed these gods controlled the world around them so they made sure they worshiped them so they would not be punished by the gods.
There are many other gods we have not discussed.
Romans think that a new religion started to insult the Roman gods because people of this new religion were not worshiping and praying to them. So when Judaism & Christianity began, many Christians and Jews were killed for believing in their one god and not Roman's many gods.
Hera- Juno- Queen of Heaven, marriage and children. Married to Zeus (Jupiter)

Eros- Cupid- Son of Aphrodite- god of love and beauty

Artemis- Diana- goddess of hunting and wildlife. Moon goddess
For your assignment- you will create a
Facebook page as though you were one of the Roman gods/goddesses.

You will need to create their:
*Profile picture
* Cover picture
*Friend list
* Fill in the about me section
* Use your imagination and create posts that other gods/goddesses would post on their page

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