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Living in a Digital World

No description

Brooke Muggenthaler

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Living in a Digital World

Living in a Digital World
By: McKena Walbrun and Brooke Muggenthaler Technology Today Technology plays an enormous part of each and every one
of our daily lives. Without it, many would feel lost, bored, and disconnected from the rest of the world. Technology can influence our lives positively and negatively. Our latest and greatest technical advances can secure our safety or violate our privacy. In this presentation, we will discuss the many areas in which technology is present in our lives today. Cyberbullying According to Jason Rzepka, a vice president
of public affairs for MTV, "50% of 14-to-24-year-olds
have been the target of some form of digital abuse." Cyberbullying is a topic that has become
increasingly more prevalent over the past few
years. It can occur over the internet and even
through text messages. In most cases, the attacker
and the victim know each other. Cyberbullying is defined as the use of information
and communication technologies to support deliberate,
repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or
group, that is intended to harm others. What are some examples of Cyberbullying?
Sending mean/threating e-mails or texts
Creating websites to make fun of others
Posting untrue or confidential information about another person
Effects of Cyberbullying
- A person's "safe place" may be destroyed
- Bullying through technology can be much harsher,
kids are more often to say things they wouldn't say in person
- It may seem inescapable, because technology is everywhere
- It can lead to depression, suicide, and other mental issues Texting and Driving Texting and driving is equal to consuming 4 alcoholic drinks In our world today, texting has
become a major way of communicating.
Most popular with teens, it causes
extreme hazards because many find it
hard to put down their phone while they
drive. Although it seems stupid to
continue the bad habit, considering the "big buzz" about texting and driving, millions still do. http://carvideos.caranddriver.com?bcpid=627028702&bclid=1811598511&bctid=27137255001 Technology in Schools Pros:
Computers assist in researching by making it quick and easy
Students may be more interested and attentive if new and improved technology is incorporated into their daily lessons
Special needs students are able to move at their own pace with the help of technology
Using tech. in schools at a young age will prepare students for future jobs in the work place
Teachers and students can both use technology to communicate with one another
When using computers or other devices, students may become distracted and explore past their boundaries
Technology is not always reliable, so sometimes the old fashioned way might be quicker
It is extremely expensive to begin with, and along with the new devices, technology staff has to be employed also
The training and time it takes to learn new technology is sometimes too difficult and long Technology and Families Living in a digital world can affect the family in a positive or negative way. A family may spend more time together watching movies or playing the last video game. Or on the negative side a child may be too consumed in the video games or texting that the family loses that time together. Our world is changing and the technology is becoming more advanced and our families must not forget what really matters in this world.
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