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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler's life and achievements.

Amanda Wylie

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Johannes Kepler

Amanda Wylie Johannes Kepler Born in Weil der Stadt, Württemberg. December, 1571 Johannes Kepler : Early life Died on November, 1630 Grew up in poverty Born prematurely, he grew up a sickly child He contracted small pox very early in life and he had defective vision Went to University of Tübingen Majored in theology and philosophy Minored in mathematics and astronomy Got a scholarship to the University because the dukes of Wuerttemberg changed the education system. Kepler and Bache Kepler worked under Tycho Bache as his apprentice for many years. Tycho and Kepler had some trust issues Tycho gave Kepler the difficult task of figuring out Mars' orbit With the system that society was using the orbit of Mars didn't work Kepler believed in Copernicus' idea of a heliocentric system. Using a heliocentric system Kepler was able to make sence of Mars' orbit. When Kepler was trying to understand ellipses he used the information about Mars's orbit. When Tycho died his family tried to make sure Kepler didnt have access of any of Tycho's notes. The 3 laws of Planetary Motion 1st law: The orbits of the planets are ellipses, with the sun at one focus of the the ellipse 2nd law: The line joining the planet to the sun sweeps out in equal areas in equal times as the planet travels around the ellipse 3rd law: The ratio of the squares of the revolutionary periods for two planets is equal to the rations of the cubes of the semi major axis When Kepler was studying Mars he found out the mars has a elliptical orbit. With this information Kepler was able to create the 1st law. In 1605, Kepler stated his 1st law In 1602, Kepler announced the 2nd law In 1618, Kepler finally announced the 3rd and final law How did Kepler make these laws? Kepler figured out the 2nd law by observing the Earth's orbit compared to the sun. Kepler figured out the 3rd law by calculating the period of time it takes to orbit and the semi major axis of 2 planets Sites http://library.thinkquest.org/23830/astronomers.htm http://kepler.nasa.gov/Mission/JohannesKepler/ http://csep10.phys.utk.edu/astr161/lect/history/kepler.html http://galileo.phys.virginia.edu/classes/109N/1995/lectures/kepler.html http://galileo.rice.edu/sci/kepler.html Perihelion- the point of least amount of separation Aphelion- the point of the most separation Other firsts by Kepler First to... Investigate the formation of pictures with a pin hole camera
Explain the process of vision by refraction in the eye
Formulate eyeglass designing for nearsighted and farsighted people
Explain the use of both eyes for depth perception Astronomia Pars Optica Describe -real, virtual, upright and inverted images and magnification
Explain the principles of how a telescope works
Discover and describe the properties of internal reflection Dioptrice Book Stereometrica Doliorum made a basis of integral calculus
Explain tides are caused by the moon
Suggest the sun rotates around its axsis
Derive logarithums based on mathmatics
Derive birth of Chirst
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